March 3, 2020




Christoph (penpal) had send me fotos from his Greece vacation and todays trip to the forest. They're beautiful. i couldn't figure out his location (as he suggested) but instead i saw his surname based on his account. And google scanned the plants on those photos.

To an art challange: I made a collage representing me in our free lesson this morning. Another task is to write about my relationship with art right now. Well, I love to draw and at the moment i mainly draw digitally and even leave the template thing sometimes.

- How do I feel about the art I am producing right now?

Random. But I wouldn't call it bad. Although I think sometimes I could put a little bit more effort into it

- How does the world around me shape the work I make?

- What topics am I excited to explore creatively?

- What keeps me from making the work I want to make, and how can I work through that?

- What benefit do I get from creating?

A nice picture.

- How can I become a better artist (not technically speaking)?

well, probably practicing.. I had to really know what I am doing and be less random. But I kinda like it that way...

- What are my goals as an artist?

to produce pictures I can be "proud of" -> i'm not afraid to show off. And I want to make a band logo :)


Actually I wanted to work on my Facharbeit but instead I wrote down the lyrics of "Prince of Peace (You're holy)" and prepared for TK on Thursday.

Also Christoph (penpal) said Slowly exists for Computer. I'll check it out.

Tomorrow I need to hold a presentation in GES. Man, I feel like I don't even know my topic! In opposite to Religion three weeks ago, there I had it all memorized (but still forgot to mention some things and needed Flashcards...) But it can't get worde 'cause it is extra work - I don't write tests but only exams, so I technichally don't need to. I don't know if I'll benefit from it either, but whatever.

I've got an hour left, so maybe I should do that JesusHouse preperation thing.

Oh and Lilly changed key for Lea's gift. She.just.changed.key! I already had 90% of the notes now I have to change that again 😭

Oh Lilly, you may know not much like I do but.. You should know the difference between "chords" and "notes" . I hope she really sends me an mp3 audio so I know what they'd recorded exactly.


Written by Plesi`

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