June 9, 2020

Taking Off Work The Next Few Days After Today

6:38 PM (of Wednesday, June 10th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, June 9th 2020 and I think it was pretty good day today. I woke up, worked on some stuff, and then decided I would take off the next few days off of work. There was just one last thing I was able to complete at work today, and then I'm pretty much done with almost all my work at work. There's still some items remaining that are due way later, but at least the more urgent tasks have been dealt with.

I wanted some time off work so I could brush up on my algorithm and data structure skills. This is something that really needs some improvement, because although I think I can code quite well, my algorithms and data structure skills are somewhat lacking a bit. I could solve almost any problem put in front of me, but improving their efficiency is something I am not good at. I really felt that way when I attempted some easier leetcode problems and had a hard time, so that's why I wanted to take some days off so I could practice these.

At around 6 or 7 PM today, I went out for a drive, and I just went out to this one very long road, and drove from beginning to end. I guess it's not that long if I can go from beginning to end within 30 minutes, but it's quite a drive. I live in one of the wealthiest areas in the country, not that I am wealthy myself but a lot of people in the area are, especially down this one road. So I just had a good time driving from beginning to end, looking at all the sights to behold. One of the cleanest and nicest streets in the world. It's a pretty beautiful road, there were also lots of people walking around outside. By a lot, I mean I recall seeing one block that easily had like 40 people, it was so crowded there wasn't enough space in the sidewalk most of the time.

Anyway I just had a relaxing drive around, after the final task at work, and after an hour or two of studying. It's pretty fun studying I guess. I got an A in one of the courses I'm taking, which is one of the highest, possibly the highest, percentage grades I've gotten so far, it was almost perfect. I don't know what I'll do for next term, I don't know if I'll do as well, but we'll try.

I fell asleep tonight at around 11 PM, I just became really tired while studying, and I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, so I just went to sleep. I have had 0 sleep problems for the last many years, I don't recall having any problems sleeping except for in freshman year high school where I was awake at 3 AM one night, and I was so frustrated because I had to wake up in 3 hours to get ready for school (buses came at like 6:50 AM or something). Yeah, sleep is one of the funnest things I can think of doing. Sleep is so nice, I have dreams often too.

What dream did I have last night? I don't remember, but I'm certain I did have one. I have almost one every night but don't write about them. Maybe I should start a dream log?

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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