May 19, 2023

Final Season

Hello. I forgot to journal yesterday so I’ll do today and yesterday as I usually do. So yesterday I got up and went to school. In English, I was chilling and ate and then my teacher said we had a project and I worked with bestie on brainstorming. Then, it was esports and we were just playing games. I worked on some assignments and tried working on the posters for esports but was talking to my friend about my friend with the boyfriend. literally nobody likes her boyfriend. but i don’t wanna go too deep into it. so we talked about it and then i went to my counselor to drop the classes I was going to take in the summer since i got the internship. then in bio we had a lab and I wasn’t ecstatic because I didn’t enjoy the last one but this time it was actually fun. i think our micropipette was broken tho which is why it wasn’t fun because it didn’t have a first stop and just went straight to the second one. so yeah. this time i understood how to use it better and we did electrophoresis. it was fun and we actually didn’t mess up which was fun. then we predicted where the dna fragments would go and the bell rang. i did the lab thingy on the website she gave us and so i felt prepared which was cool. then it was lunch and j ate and chilled. we had to go back to bio to look at our thingys and we saw it under a light and it was cool and very pretty. i attached a picture of it. then i went back to homeroom and worked on english. then when we got to cukinary we found out we were presenting. we actually did very good our teacher told us we were excellent in private. we knew the questions such as why indians didn’t eat beef and well jt was me that knew that but nobody else knew. we also were more prepared hevause he asked about the variations and we knew why vegetables were commonly eaten for a bit but we said it was due to religion and he said jt was a bit more than that. overall we did really good and our poster was the best to be honest. one group didn’t have that much info and their posted board was empty except for a few things and another group was messy but they included a review which was very unique. and the last groups poster was pretty but didn’t make up for the lack of info. overall it was a nice experience because we practiced beforehand. so yeah then i got home and wasn’t too good hevause my dad was mad because the house was a mess and he kind of made me angry after because i didn’t want to deal with that coming home. and then i cleaned a bit and tried doing some work but couldn’t since i was distracted on my phone. j showered and went on my phone again and then i did do the notes for history that we were taking today to save some time for tomorrow. then i got tired and went on my bed waiting for my brother to come out of the bathroom but then j fell asleep.

then today, i woke up and slept in. i went to school and was chilling with my friends listening tk mysicz. then jt wad history and we took notes but while everyone was taking notes i was working on the assignment. i almost finished the whole thing but the bell rang. then i went to library and finished history and moved on to english. oh for english it’s a project and we are basically making it like we are presenting to next ap eng students. we give them tips and like advice and our experience and the assignments tjay helped. so yeah we brainstormed yesterday and so we just needed to type it onto the slides. so yeah and then my friends came over and we’re fooling around and so i got a bit distracted but I made some good progress. then it latin american and we were reading some documents and annotating and sharing. then i worked on english for a bit on my phone. then it was lunch and i was waiting for my friend outside their clsss but turns out they had a dentist appointments. i looked at their location in class and saw they were at a hospital and it freaked us out but they clarified. i continued working on english while eating. then jt was homeroom and i played games. i didn’t have my laptop well i did but i can’t use canva on my laptop at school so i couldn’t do that and i was pretty much done with everyone else. then it was math and i didn’t have the materials i needed to start making my crossword puzzle but i did google some inspo on how i wanted my crossword to look like hevause i want it to be pretty to get a good score and also because i like making things pretty and so i kept looking around and got an idea so i’m pretty excited for that. then when school finished i went to cvs to get supplies and got a whiteboard which was cool jts a small one and will come in handy for math next year. i got paper and some pencils. i love wooden pencils a lot. anyways. i got home and ate and watched some criminal minds. i’m almost done with season one. then my mom said to go wash our blankets that we were supposed to put on the side in the morning because she said she was going to wash in the morning and when we came out of school everything would be ready but i forgot and so did my younger brother so we went and finished before her favorite show started. then i got home and cleaned and made my bed. i took a while because the kittens were so cute and also one of them kept running out and so i had to bring him back. i finished seeeping and was going to wash the dishes i put in the sink but my mom did that for me which was nice and i intended on doing it and i feel bad so i’ll help her out. also at the laundry i was watching markiplier watch five nights at freddie’s and there was a scene where freddie popped up and i literally jumped so hard i scared my mom and it was so funny. so yeah. i also saw there’s going to be a new transformers movie which is SO COOL. i was watching the trailer and heard the gorilla talking but i didn’t know it was him talking and i was like hmm… this isn’t optimus’s voice but it was the gorilla. i’m so excited i’m about to watch it in 4dx. right so when i finished making my bed i got started on homework and i “finished” english. my friend needs to do the rest and also i need to write down my experience but i lost the paper and so we are going to have to redo that part. and also we need to decorate it a bit more maybe add some transitions which we will do monday and tuesday and i want to finish tuesday if not thursday so that it is over with. then i worked on esports but it’s a little difficult but i’ve made some progress and i was doing good but i’m pretty tired and i have orientation to attend tomorrow morning so i need to sleep now. so yeah. oh my god i have hiccups and i just remembered this morning i got hiccups and had it for like a good twenty minutes and i was so annoyed because i also had allergies because of the cats. so yeah it’s annoying. i’m going to brush my teeth and have some water and read a bit. then i will go to sleep.

so tomorrow:

  • Work on esports poster (after orientation)
  • Copy down the crossword

I don’t think it will take me the whole day but I tend to overestimate the time I will need to do the assignments. but for sure i am going to grind tomorrow. the kittens won’t be too much of a problem because tejyre growing up fast which is so sad and they know how to use the litter kind of. one of them for sure does, the other one tries to eat it a bit and the girl did use it for the first time today, or it was the first time j saw her use it. i will need to give them some dry food so they start getting used to it. they will be energetic but i think i might do my homework on the table or my moms bed where they won’t be. also i have two pimples that are so ugly. also today when i was walking to homeroom i saw bae and how cute he was i literally took a different direction tk get to clsss to see him. i also saw him when library ended RAHHH. okay anyways i’m going to ask if he’s under 18 and then if he is ima ask for his number or give him mine or we can just exchange omg anyways hopefullt he’s still 17 and then yeahs i’m going to after these pimples go away because they’re so ugly. anyways. i’m going to watch another video of fnaf to get these hiccups out of here and then ima read and go to bed. good night!!!

Written by ckh2k6

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