May 20, 2023

Graphic Design

Hello. So today I woke up a lot of times in the morning because the kittens were around me. At nine I ended up just staying awake since J had to attend a zoom meeting at 10 anyways. I just spend the hour on instagram scrolling through reels and then I brushed my teeth and washed my face and joined the zoom and woke up my mom. the zoom ended at like 10:40 and I ate afterwards and then watched criminal minds. then i went back to instagram and then watched mwrkoplier. st 1:50 my phone died finally and so i went on my laptop and started doing homework. i did the esports flyers and finished two. then i ate and watched some more markiplier and then j went back to work and then i went on instagram on my laptop and spoke to my friends. at ten i went back to work and then my laptop died and so j read for a bit and then i had my phone charged and then just went back to watching reels and now i’m going to sleep. i’m almost done with tm posters for one i already have what i need to write so i just need to finish that tomorrow. then i’ll get started on calc which i think will be difficult a little because i want to make the crossword boxes so that they’re wide enough to cover the page from left to right if that makes sense and i need to plan it out. then i think i will trace it and go on to making the design. i was originally planning on making the whole background a pretty color but i’ll stick to adding little drawings around it or who knows i’ll try looking at some more inspiration. i have kittens running over me chasing each other right now. so yeah i’ll finish esports in the morning when i wake up and then move onto calc.

todsy the kittens weren’t that bad because they weren’t really with me. it was pretty stressful sometimes because everyone wanted a lot of things from me. i had to take the cat away from the kittens because they were eating and i don’t want her eating thekr food but my mom didn’t want her in the living room so i had her in the bathroom then my brother wanted me to pass him soap since he was washing the cat litter and it was just hectic. and now one just scratched me hevause they’re chasing each other. but they were annoying my younger brother more since they were with him on his bed and now they’re down here. anyways.


  • Finish esports
  • drse the outline for crossword puzzle tomorrow & get started on sketches or writing the hints

Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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