May 22, 2023


Hello. I’m tired right now. So i woke up like at 5:44 and i was just chilling and thinking. and then i went back to sleep after a while but then i woke up evause the kitten was zooming back and forth and i was scared he was gonna scratch my face. then they were eating the litter so i swept like at 6:20 and then i finished cleaning up at 6:40 the room only though and then i started getting ready for bed and left at 7:45 and i got to school and chilled with my friend. then it was english and my friend wasn’t here today but they were still working on it from home and i finished my part. then in history we started talking about what we were going to do for our final and i’m hoping we finish this week which i think won’t be too hard but we have to create the script for the podcast episodes so yeah. then in esports my team got in trouble because i did the stuff by myself when we are a team but it’s whatever. i was going to do the merch but ima let my team handle jt because now i have another project to do. i will give my opinion and all thag tho. then it was library and i worked on my calc thingy by adding some drawings around it and jts cute. then it was bio and we just went over our lab results snd got our homework. then it was lunch and i was lonely without bestie but i was just overbearing my friend and teacher talk abojt jujitsu kaisen. then it was latin american and we had an assignment bht iw as talking about dorming and all that so i didn’t finish. then jt was cukinary and we did a practice questions for the final exam and i was going tk finish latin american but i didn’t have enough time. then in calc i just tried drawing some stuff and then i went home. i chilled and then at and like at 4 i started doing homework and then i got started on bio and then got bored and was tired so at like 4:30 i took a nap and then i woke up like an hour later almost and i finished latin american and bio. then i chilled some more, had ice cream, a milkshake, and got ready for bed. it was a pretty easy day. the kittens were easy well for me since they don’t want to spend time with me anymore and maybe also hevause i wasn’t on my bed and was doing homework x they did sleep with me on my moms bed for a bit before their mom woke them up which was annoying. i also have them some food and the cat that hasn’t eaten the food yet started eating it when i gave it tk her by hand so i might try it out some more tomorrow so she can start transitioning to dry food since her mom isn’t feeding them as much anymore and she’s also growing hair near her nipples so. yeah. tomorrow we are doing a lab for bio and i’m nervous because it’s like bacteria and stuff not nervous because of the bacteria but because i feel like i’m still not to sure what we are doing. j do enjoy using the pipe tres though those are fun. j did the interactive lab thingy on the website but it was being annoying but i enjoyed the gel electrophoresis more and it was cool too. so yeah.


  • Finish or work on history posters and logo
  • Look for photos to use and do research
  • Trace calc
  • Sign form for internshio

I think i can work on history during english tomorrow since the slides are basically what we are going to do this whole time until next week and since we’re practically done with that we can just practice presenting and then that’s all really so i can do history.then during esports i can also work on history and then during homeroom as well. i do need to email my counselor about filling out the thingy again which i will do tkmorrow so yeah. i hope i don’t get tired of doing history but i can also get in the zone really well and grind like what j did for esports this weekends so yeah i hope it’s not too hard. i’m going to sleep noe good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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