May 23, 2023


Hello guys. I’ve been dyijg of laughter because of reels i’m watching and they’re jus f funny all of a sudden z so today i woke up like at 7 and then got ready and then got to school. english was first and we just worked on our project and my friend and k practiced and timed ourselves. then in esports i was going to do the history posters and i did work on them a bit in english but we moved on to making merch and like sponsors and oh my god let me tell you guys. he got that idea off of me fr because i added jt tk our website like give ne credit for giving you those ideas. outrageous and i’m furious. anyways we created some merch and my friend actually made a good one. anyways. then in bio we just went over what we were going to fo and stuff for our lab thursday. then jt wad lunch and we were just chillling and eating. then jt was homeroom and i was playing games and did bio bevaude i didn’t want to do anything. then in culinary we made a cake and messed up for one step hevause this kid added the flour to the oil when we were supposed to add it to the egg whites and so my teacher came over and i was so scared and so were my teammates. and i asked him like did you do this did you do this and he was like oh mr said this so i don’t know. like bro wait for the teacher to come by like don’t just go ahead and stuff and then my teacher was like you guys have five minutes to fix this or give up and finish it another time and we were hurrying up and we ended uo finishing in time. but it was annoying hbevause it’s not the first time he’s messed something up. like one of our teammates accidentally added a lot of pepper to the ratatouille and then he blew on it??? like seriously you’re gonna get all your germs on the food like don’t be sn idiot. anyways. then i just played some games then j got home and was going to start jn homework right away but then i had to eat and so i did and watched mark then when i finished i got back to work and the kittens were laying down on me. i managed to finish one poster and the logo for our podcast for husitory and i’m almost done with the other one but i need a picture of our teammates and so when they give me one i’ll add it and i’ll be done with that. i also fixed the merch thing since on our school account we weren’t able to see our designs but when i used my personal it worked so i did that and i added it to our website and it’s so pretty. then i chilled and cleaned snd then showered and then watched puss and boots the new movie and then my dad brought me starbucks a iced caramel macchiato and a cake pop ad it was tasty. my mom also brought a mcflurry which i will have tomorrow. then i got ready for bed brushed my teeth ad washed my face and then was going to do the outline for calc but i was frustrated since jt wasn’t working so i’ll do it tomorrow during library since my friend told me we’re doing something for history tomorrow morning and not working on our projects. so yeah. so yeah i’m going to use pen and then color it during calc. so yeah i’m going to sleep now.

so tomorrow:

  • Finish Calc (or almost finished)
  • Finish poster
  • Post introduction
  • Finish Merch

Yeah that’s all. i’m hoping i completely finish the outline for calc tomorrow so i can start coloring and then just write down the hints. anyways i’m going to sleep now good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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