May 24, 2023


Hello. ik going tk hurry since i’m in an awkward position. well not anymore the kittens were on my but their mom woke them up. so today i woke up at six and i actually didn’t fall asleep this time like i didn’t snooze or anything. that because i didn’t spot all the kittens but i found the grey one. i was hit with adrenaline because i didn’t see the kitten but it rubbed off and i wanted to sleep but i didn’t rahhh. so i chilled and then read for a bit and got ready for school. then when j got to school it was history and we were just taking notes on the sources we are going to use for our podcast. then in library i worked on the outline for calc and i didn’t finish. then in latin american we had to create a graphic novel thingy and i was almost done but didn’t have enough time. then in lunch i continued working and ate. then i had my meeting. then for calc we did jeopardy and i was tired but we won. then i worked on my project. then in book club we did kahoot and then my friend helped me outline it and so i finished the outline and i messed up one part and so i’ll find a way to fix it but it’s with pen so i’d have to get creative here. then i got home and i ate my mcflurry and food my mom served while watching mark. then i went to my moms bed and laid down with her and then i fell asleep. then i woke ik ay 8 bevaude she made me wake up hevause if i sleep in the afternoon then j eoont be able to sleep at night. so k got up and then the cat escaped outside so i brought her in and then i cleaned up the litter and swept. i got ready for bed and drank some water. i wanted to do work but i wanted to sleep but got distracted with reels on insta. i also finished part of our project for history. i’m going to finish up the posters right now since my friends have me pictures of themselves.


  • Write script for History
  • Finish 35 definitions for cslc
  • Finish merch and sponsors
  • Work on posting primary sources

So tomorrow during english we can practice and then k can work on the merch and sponsors. i also said i was going to help my friends study for precalc. i won’t take my calc project tomorrow so i’ll work on it when i get home. if i finish the merch and sponsors then i’ll work on the primary sources. i’m hoping for history like maybe if i don’t work on it tomorrow then in class friday since that’s when we can all really get together. i should be done with my project friday though since all i will need to do is color and make it pretty and all that. anyways i’m going to sleep now good night! first i’ll finish my poster then go to sleep. good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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