June 10, 2020

First Day Off, Mostly Studied

11:25 PM (of Thursday, June 11th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, June 10th 2020 and was the first day that I took off work. I wrote a pretty decent amount of information for today in a private entry, but I feel like keeping that one private, at least for now or maybe forever, just out of common decency.

It was a very productive day, I guess. I got a lot of things done, learned a bunch of new things. I even hung out with a friend online for a few hours. However most of my time was spent studying, basically just the entire day I was learning things. It can get really boring and repetitive, but I can't really do much else, I took these days off work for the sole reason of getting extra time to study.

I don't think I went outside today, just stayed at home. I didn't upload anything to today's logs yet. I was also supposed to make a video to update my weight loss progress, but I didn't lose any weight since the last 10 days, and I didn't think it was high priority, so I just skipped it. I also had to renew some Habitica challenges today, but I think possibly more people join the challenges if I started it the next day in the morning, instead of night time on the day it's supposed to end. I wanted to test this assumption, so I skipped closing and renewing the Habitica challenges for tonight.

Yeah today was a 10th day on a Wednesday, my supposedly busiest days. But it turns out that today wasn't that busy since I skipped two things I usually do on a 10th day.

Overall I think today was a good day. First day off work in a few months and it's kind of refreshing. I finished all the urgent tasks already anyway, the remaining tasks for me at work are due a bit later. Yeah so that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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