June 12, 2020

A day off.

Having a day off feels so great.

I woke up pretty late today, around 9AM. Another bad habit that I need to cross off my daily routine: checking phone after waking up. I'd spend more than an hour to scroll things on my mobile phone, from Instagram to Twitter. I got off bed at 10AM, an began my morning meditation.

It was a guided one about self-love, and I got a good quote:

"When we judge parts of ourselves, we actually hold them separate from us.

If we're holding parts of ourself separate then we can't feel whole."

It hit me quite hard about not feeling whole. I admit that I don't like lots of thing about myself, and maybe that is what keeping me away from actually living. I must embrace all the flaw within me, and giving them love. Which brought me to Habitica. I hope I can stick to my commitment, though.

The rest of today is okay, I guess.

No negative thoughts or mood today, which I think it's good.

Oh, and I tried to custom my desktop along with the quotes. It was quite fun!

I hope tomorrow will be a good day as well.


Written by scherie

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