June 13, 2020

Backlog of tasks, Remade and Re-Uploaded 3 videos

9:42 PM

I'm a few days behind on my logs, so I have to catch up on those before they become way too hard to catch up to. Not updating them every day and leaving a few days of not updating them, has due entries stack up and makes it unmanageable at some point. A week's worth of logs to catch up to is hard and quite a bit of work.

Anyway before I start working on my logs I'll write an entry first. Today has been overall a good day. I fell asleep last night while thinking of how to solve a problem I encountered while studying. I could not figure out the solution without looking at the answer, and then once I learned the answer, it became so obvious. I don't know if I can solve it again right now, but I do know the general way to get the solution. I feel really stupid sometimes. I wish I could just download information and skills to my brain, so that I wouldn't have to go through all this pain of learning hard problems and trying to solve them, it's so frustrating. But maybe being frustrating to learn is what makes the skills valuable. Someday I want to pick up drawing, since I can somewhat draw, but I'm not great.

Anyway I just studied a little bit that morning, learning how to solve this new type of problem, and then encountering another problem I had no idea how to solve. I pretty much stopped at that point, the rest of the day I didn't look at that new problem again, I just looked at old problems I previously solved and was surprisingly still able to solve them again (I only looked at the answer once for one problem).

I watched some of my videos that I made yesterday, I made three of them, and put them up online. I was not satisfied with their quality, I felt like I could have done so much better. So I took those videos down, and re-uploaded new ones. I mean these are not getting any views, I'm the only viewer for these videos and they each have 1 view each after I re-uploaded them and watched them once to make sure I like the quality this time. But yeah, 1 view each for my videos, cool. Even the videos from yesterday, did not get any views other than from me. I can't really do much about that I guess.

Those three videos took up my entire morning, and then I felt like the rest of the day was going to go well. Well, the rest of the day was meh at best. I didn't study anything new, I in fact watched some entertainment videos for a few hours (huge waste of time), and then I drove around for a few hours. I didn't walk outside or anything (I should have), and I didn't learn anything new, just looked back on previous things I studied. So that's why I say the rest of the day was simply "meh" compared to what I accomplished that morning.

Anyway the rest of the night tonight, I plan on catching up on my logs, and then studying some more. Once I'm caught up on my logs I'll feel so comfortable having caught up on stuff. I hate having a backlog of stuff, it just takes up space in my mind like it just pops up every now and then, thoughts like randomly "I need to catch up on my logs" out of nowhere. I do need to catch up on my logs. So that's what I'm gonna do now, and then I'm going to study afterwards.

That was my Saturday today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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