June 14, 2020

In my next life, I want to be a cat.

I said that today, on a conversation with a friend today.

He asked me if I believed in karma and reincarnation, because he's so lucky in many occasions, he thought that he probably did good in his previous life.

Well, I do believe in karma.

Everything has its tolls you gotta pay, and what you get depends on your tolls. Good things will lead you to good outcome, while negativity will only harm you. But as for reincarnation... I'm not sure. But if there's such thing, I want to be reborn as a domestic cat. A chubby, healthy and happy one, loved by its owner.

He said, "But life as a cat is boring. You only sleep around all day."

We can't judge it that way, though. Maybe it can find joy in simple things like nap, like laser pointers, and of course -catnips.

I want to be able to live a care-free life like that, a life that I couldn't live for now.

Then he replied me, "What happened to you? It's so sad to hear that."

Well, maybe I could be all goofy around people, but that doesn't mean I'm happy. I do feel grateful to have a lovely boyfriend, good friends, loving mother and admirable big brother. I am happy in some moments, yet I don't feel whole. I think I'm still on a journey to find myself; my ultimate happiness.

I hope that by writing this here, I could look back in the future and tell myself,

"Hey, I found happiness. It's not bad to be born as a human again, I guess."

Who knows?

By the way, it's a photo I took last year on a trip to a cat cafe :) he slept through my visit there, but he's so in deep sleep and cute!

Written by scherie

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