June 14, 2020

One of my better Sundays, uploaded 6 videos, removed Instagram

11:00 PM

Typically on Sundays I don't do much. I usually just sit around, watch entertainment videos all day. Today was somehow different, I woke up pretty early and grumpy. Last night I fell asleep a bit after 2 AM (I fell asleep while studying again), and I woke up a bit after 6 AM this morning when the sun was already out and other people at home were awake and making noises. I was so annoyed blaming other people for having woken me up, although it's more my fault for sleeping late. What could I do now though?

I don't remember what I did early that morning, 6 AM to 8 AM was just a blur to me. Did I study during that time? I know I didn't eat breakfast that early. I think I studied during that time, although I don't even remember what I would have been studying. I remember studying later that afternoon and what I learned, but 6 AM to 8 AM? I don't remember what I did, maybe I went back to sleep. Or maybe I tried to solve the problem I fell asleep to last night? No recollection at all.

Around 8:30 AM though I opened up Instagram and most of the time I'm just scrolling through and liking some photos. I do see some stupid comments every now and then that I feel like replying to though, and it turns into a stupid argument where I am saying logical reasonable things, and they deflect by saying something very idiotic. The other person I am replying to is always wrong, but me using facts or logic or any sort of reasoning never gets to them. It's like I tell them 1+1 = 2, and they go "well maybe it's not." It's such a waste of time, I probably wasted 20-30 minutes replying to this guy, and I just ended up deleting the app after I read his last reply which was another very stupid statement, I was tired of it.

There was one other person I replied to, because their comment was also stupid, and he replied surprisingly positively and enthusiastically to my reply and redirecting of his reasoning. This is one of a very few times I get this kind of response, the majority of the time it's like that initial guy where literally reasoning cannot get to them. I would say the majority of the time when I reply to comments, people are not reasonable.

Anyway I was tired of wasting 30 minutes here and there on Instagram, even though that was the first time I commented in probably a few months. Still, it's a huge waste of time every now and then. So I just uninstalled the entire app. I already have notifications turned off so I don't get any notifications anyway, but 30 minutes out of every few months is still valuable time being wasted.

After uninstalling the app, I recorded 4 videos that morning and put them up online. Replying to that fool on the Internet gave me some anger fuel to do something productive with my time, and I ended up making those videos. The videos were just of some of the problems I solved two days ago, but today I'm able to solve those problems so easily. I'm still an idiot when it comes to new problems, but for these ones, I can probably be considered knowledgeable, so that's why I made the videos on them.

The rest of the day I studied, mainly doing readings, practice problems. I have no idea how the time went by so fast. Did I really do nothing but study? I know I didn't go outside, didn't drive, didn't walk, didn't watch any entertainment videos today. Yet somehow, the time still went by, and quickly too. I may have taken a nap in the afternoon due to only getting 4 hours of sleep that night, and feeling tired from having made 4 videos. The rest of the time I was just studying.

Around 6 PM I took a test and I failed. Apparently the questions weren't that hard, but I failed them. I thought I was doing good, but my answers were just wrong. Anyway I just need to study more and practice.

Feeling disappointed with my test result, I went ahead and recorded two more videos. One of them I messed up and thought I pressed the record button but it wasn't recording. So I probably spent 15+ minutes talking to a camera and doing problems for no reason. It was kind of annoying having to do the same exact thing over again, but I had to do it again in order to get 6 videos done. For some reason I just mentally aimed for 6 videos today. I made 4 this morning, and I thought, the rest of the day I can probably do another two, totaling six. So that's what I did. This is the most videos I ever put up in a day.

After that I watched some videos and chilled for a bit. Then I started this entry. Now I'm probably going to go to sleep. I still haven't caught up on my log entries yet. I got distracted by something else last night.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jun 15, 2020

Are you talking about a Youtube channel? If so, what’s the name? :o

Posted On Jun 16, 2020

@Quarter Hey Quarter, Yeah I uploaded the videos on YouTube. The channel is called Megawatt Apps.

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