June 14, 2020

what? WHITE STONE is evolving!

June 2 – Today's subject of discussion: Is the Yeti King the king of the yetis, or is he just a regular king who also happens to be a yeti? HGR drew an analogy to the Skeleton King, who is definitely a regular king (King Leoric). I said that was a good point, but maybe he also became king of the skeletons once he got skeletonized. HGR disagreed: "I don't think skeletons really have a social structure!! I mean, he can summon his adds..."

June 5 – 88 degrees and muggy. I stepped out on my balcony and was like "oof, gonna cut today's walk short." But then I got distracted by my thoughts and ended up doing the full half hour.

June 8 – Haven't been able to access my pogo alt since the 5th. No idea what the problem is. 90% of the time, it hangs at the white Niantic screen; the other 10% of the time, it goes to the loading screen and the green bar loads all the way (so it's not a login issue), but the game just doesn't start. No error message or anything. I've tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the game, to no effect. I don't see anyone else complaining on Reddit, so it appears to be just me. I filed a support ticket with Niantic but I'm not exactly hopeful.

On the plus side, on my main I hatched 16 eggs during the gen 5 event, with great results: one Galarian Darumaka (14/14/15), three Galarian Ziggys (best: 14/14/14). Time to start putting together an Obstagoon team for mid. Also my alt hatched one (1) egg and it was a Darumaka, which he did not yet have, so the event was a resounding success.

edit (6/11): nooo it's official, pogo is ending support for 32-bit devices (i.e., my HTC One M8) in August. And I saw someone else on Twitter complaining about the latest update breaking the game for his Android 6 device, so it's not just me. rip :(

edit (6/14): Finally I got around to migrating my alt to my old Pixel. I didn't want to do this because the battery is totally shot, inconvenient for a normal workday; but it works fine at home. We're back in business.

June 10 – LOL I just noticed that the banner for the "logs" page on ayearago.today is literally a bunch of logs, I love it

June 11 – When filling out my food journal yesterday, I accidentally dated it March 10. what even is time

Written by Achaius

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