June 15, 2020

varis "yay" galvus

Every week it's something new. This week, everyone said they could make it, and seven of us showed up, but Kan was MIA (and offline on Discord so we couldn't ping him). We sat around for an hour listening to newbie leveling his thaumaturge. Literally doing hunting logs in 2020. That's it, I thought, rip our static.

numbers made praying motions. "On this day we mourn the passing of our friend Kanzaris, joining Lopen in the afterlife."

HGR said, "It's hard to imagine what situation he could've gotten into that he couldn't say, 'guys, I can't make it.' "

An hour late, Kan ran in. "Augh," he said, "my alarm didn't fire."

"Is this Silver?" said HGR.

By then, numbers and Silver had understandably dispersed, so we had to call them back. ("I woke up on time," said Silver when he came back and saw the conversation.) Then, when everyone was finally online, newbie was like "brb" and took off for ten minutes because of stomach cramps. THEN Silver informed us that he was going to have to leave early. Raiding is tough.

After all that, we didn't beat Varis. We're doing better (we got him down to 19% once), but Fortius is still an issue; we all get it conceptually, but it's hard to figure out how much to move, and HGR's eyesight is flat-out not good enough to see the gaps.

As we were disbanding for the day, Kan said something which we heard as "Maybe we should try advanced strat" and we were like sure, we love advanced strats. Actually, he was saying "the fan" strat. But it amounts to the same thing. Basically, when Fortius begins, we all stand in a fan formation to the north of Varis, creating a huge gap to the south that should be much more manageable.

Written by Achaius

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