June 15, 2020

06-16-2020's Log

I really don't know what to write about today.

I felt great for successfully working out twice today: I jogged for 45 minutes in the morning, and walked in a fast pace for an hour in the evening.

Exercising was fun, but the rest was just, meh.

I wish my mood won't take away the joy I had in working out.

Oh, I watched a motivational video today an picked some good lines:

It is impossible for any human to achieve a state of positivity all the time. The goal should not be achieving a state of perfection. Instead, it should be to grow. To do the daily self-work that create your best self. In that work, you'll find clarity, intention and bring out more positivity.

There'll always be negative moments, old patterns, but if you're committed to work on yourself, feeding yourself with positivity, those negative moments will not lasts. They'll be less and less frequent.

Because what comes out is what's inside. If what's inside you is positive, you'll brim with positivity.


Just what I'm trying to do: feeding myself daily with positive videos.

But sometimes I still feel empty and unmotivated inside ;_;)

Something I gotta tell my doctor, I think.


Written by scherie

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