March 4, 2020




I had an GES presentation today. I had put one Quote into it but miss-interpreted it completely wrong! What a fail... All in all the presentation was okay. But I'm so glad it's over. Why did I apply for that again? Anyway, we had lots of math homework and with help of my classmates and Christoph (penpal) I managed to do it. And did you know, electricity comes from "elektron" (gr.) and means amber? Back then they called it like that because if you rub ember it'll attract little things. A website about pi and e said that. (Link down below). Interestingly, I never associated pi with circles. To me it was a letter with a certain number or being it. My sister instead did that but I don't know exactly how.

In tomorrows TK we'll represent favourite songs. As I don't know how many I chose these:

Πιο πολυ απ`τη ζωη (Pio poly ap'ti zoi) by FOS

Javi svaju slavu (Russian) -> Englisch: "Where the Spirit of the lord is" by Chris Tomlin

Kak priekrasien ti (Russian) -> Englisch: "Indescribable" (literally: how wonderful you (are)" with "Kak" meaning "what", "Ti" meaning "you" and the 'nd word "beautiful"

And maybe "Prince of Peace (You are holy)" but the Greek versions.

Yes, I like the sound of the Greek and Russian language.


Written by Plesi`

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