June 16, 2020

Day 29

Just finished my composition with one violin, one viola and one cello for fun


It is a (supposedly) trailer OST of my fanfiction Change. Each instruments represent three main characters.The violin is Nemesis, a female dictator who sealed her heart with a nice and gentle mask. The viola is a doll, a little girl who lost her father and sought for recognition deep inside. And the cello is "Kyle", a mysterious being who lost his appearance and memories, but turned out he was a dangerous but desperate creature.

The music begins with the violin solo: representing Nemesis was alone. The sweet tone shows her kind, gentle mask she's wearing. The viola and cello comes in introducing "Kyle" and the doll. It emphasize the cello and viola respectively. The violin and cello then communicate by echoing the rhythm with another sweet melody: "Kyle" and Nemesis had a liking with each other; While the viola had a smaller volume and had a different rhythm, imply that the doll didn't get the attention she wanted. The melody then keep modulating. The cello plays with a simple rhythm, in contrast with the violin and viola, who have their interaction increased, imply that something goes wrong as Nemesis and the doll slowly uncover the dark secrets of "Kyle" and other things they're fighting for. The music ends with the cello, meaning that the crucial key and center of the story was "Kyle" all along.

That's a long analysis I'm making, maybe I will post it on DeviantArt.

Edit: Somehow I can't upload the image.

Written by MandySakura

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