June 16, 2020

Makin’ progress again!

I’m so glad that what I was feeling the other day didn’t carry over to today because I barely played at all yesterday. I still can’t believe that I wrote just shy of a 1000 words in a private entry just about the whole thing. I just wish Mama didn’t have to sometimes act like that. :/

Anyways, after I decided to take a break from Un Sospiro two days ago, I’ve never felt so much better. It was like a burden was lifted upon my shoulders which is weird because nobody was forcing it upon me. I was the one forcing it upon myself to just keep practicing the same thing over and over again, and now that I’ve stopped, I’ve had to time to learn so many more things!

I completed sight-reading a minuet, I got back to working on Flight of the Bumblebee, and I’m now learning Consolation No. 3! I chose Consolation No. 3 because I wanted to learn something that was a bit easier than what I was learning before. It’s good that I have Arabesque No. 1 in my repertoire because if I didn’t, learning those polyrhythms would’ve been kinda annoying just as it had been when I first learned that piece. Well, I’m just happy that I’m learning stuff that will actually be benefecial to my development.

It’s odd though, I feel passionate again about learning because I chose to stop learning. :P

Be kind and keep striving!

Written by Quarter

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Posted On Jun 17, 2020

Awesome, I guess sometimes you have to drop what you're learning to learn something easier, and then come back to the harder thing again later

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