June 17, 2020

Good Wednesday, put up another video, studied a little

6:44 AM (of Thursday, June 18th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, June 17th 2020, and I think today was a good day.

Sometimes it's possible to measure how good a day is based on how many good events happened that day, or events that are considered good. I wrote about how Monday was a bad day for example because I wanted to just focus on mainly studying, and I ended up not studying at all even though I could have, so I was very disappointed in that day. I think work was really awful for me that day too, and so that's another reason why it was a bad day. However, I did make some good choices in other things that day (which I wrote about in a private entry), surprisingly good choices, and I guess that sort of balances things out.

It would have been an excellent day had I just studied for even an hour, but because I didn't when I had so many opportunities to, I was disappointed in that day. Looking back though and reading through that previous entry of what really transpired, I would say the good activities balanced out the bad, and overall it leaned more towards being good. Sometimes it's possible not to be able to tell whether a day had been good or bad, because sometimes the minor good things you thought didn't matter, actually made a bigger difference than expected a few days later.

When I woke up this morning, I took some log photos (still haven't caught up to my logs yet), and I caught up on yesterday's entry. After that, I recorded a video. I had an idea to make a video about why Big O notation was important and bam, I just made the video showing some examples of why it was important. Overall I don't think this affects much, I just made the video pretty much for fun since I wasn't doing anything else that morning, but I think overall that was a good decision.

After that work started, and in the morning I resolved an issue we ran into on Tuesday. That afternoon I was able to get some work that really put me off balance and made me saddened I wasn't able to do more back on Monday and Tuesday. I mean the results I got were still disappointing, but a lot better than Monday and Tuesday.

After work it was raining outside, so I couldn't go out. I stayed at home, studied a little. I didn't study anything technical, but I did get some practice in. I tried to record another video that night trying to solve a problem, and I ended up disappointed again because I didn't solve the problem. It sucks so much, but then I looked at some hints on how to solve the problem, and it just clicked, I knew how to solve it. Why didn't I see it earlier? It's so freaking obvious now but I was losing my mind over being stuck. I have to try again on Thursday, because this time the way to solving it is now pretty obvious.

Anyway that was pretty much my entire day today. I didn't do much else besides that, and I fell asleep at around 11 PM.

Written by JustMegawatt

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