March 5, 2020

Second Time Running This Week


Alright so I have the entire day ahead of me, I'm going to use my current time in the morning to come up with a plan of what I'll be doing. Let's see... Well first, let me list out the things that I absolutely have to do today:

1) Go to work

2) Two assignments for my studies

Other than that, I have free reign. I took around 9000 steps yesterday while at work, and that wasn't me trying so hard to do that. I suppose I could try kicking that up to 10,000 steps while at work. I walk most of these during lunch time, later in the day I walk for a bit more, and then in the morning and evening I walk a bit from my car to the office. That's pretty much where my steps come from. I think I could bump that up to 10,000 today if I just added a bit more walking, because I already got 9,000 yesterday and that wasn't trying so hard. Okay so that's another item I want to add to do today:

3) Walk at least 10,000 steps

Okay... what else? I also want to add running. Like I said yesterday, I easily have an hour of free time to run right after work. It doesn't matter if I run indoors or outdoors, I would have to run on a treadmill if it's too cold out, but I'd run outside if the weather warm. Unfortunately the weather is freaking warm even during the winter, I've experienced several summer-like days in the winter, where the AC had to be turned on for people just to keep cool, in the freaking winter. So okay, that's another item:

4) Run after work

And then... Is that it? I suppose that's all that I must do; the due items assigned to me by external sources, and then the exercise for me. After that I have several hours of free time to work on something. I suppose it's very hard to come up with other activities to do when I'm not sure yet what I want to do. I do want to become the best in the world at something. Just what should I sacrifice all my remaining free time for?....


Okay I got it. I think I'll sacrifice all my remaining free time for this website. Making improvements, getting more people to sign up, and so on. I think that's a fair use of my free time since I'm not doing much else with my life. So those are my only focuses: Work, Education, Exercise, and AYearAgo.Today. Fair enough. I have more than enough time in 24 hours to touch upon all of those things.

7:48 of the next day

I was able to do everything in that list yesterday. I still wasted several hours later that night though. I still really need to focus. The amount of miles I ran was just a bit over 3 miles, and that was uphill then downhill, it was quite a good run. I feel like I could do 6 miles so easily now.

Written by JustMegawatt

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