June 18, 2020

Drove through a road from beginning to end today

11:19 PM

Today was a pretty plain day. I don't know whether to classify it as a good day or a bad day, but I made sure to vary my activities enough so that it didn't lean too far one way or another. Actually in terms of bad activities, I wouldn't say I did too many bad activities today, but maybe I did?

I mainly read up and studied on a single topic today, which may or may have been a bad move. I don't know. I definitely do not want to make that same mistake tomorrow though, I need to look at different topics and not get distracted by a topic I no longer need to spend any time studying.

Work was alright, I got a few things done, but I didn't get what I really needed to get done, done. This is the same task that really stressed me out on Monday, and now it's due tomorrow. I don't know what result I'll have tomorrow. I got other unrelated work complete, but the task that's due tomorrow is bugging me and I don't know how well I'll do tomorrow. I'm probably going to start work really early at 8 AM or earlier just so I can get more done.

After work I drove around for a bit, and I studied while driving. That was my study for the day. I wanted to walk outside, but it was already way too dark when I got back home. I spent way too much time thinking, and not enough time taking action, which is why I started driving pretty late actually. I just sat in my computer for 2-3 hours after work, literally reading information, thinking, pondering, geez. I wasted a few hours just wasting time before I went out.

I traversed through this unknown road I hadn't gone through before entirely, until now. This road intersected through some of the most epic roads in the entire area. Seriously, I had no idea this road existed. This road goes through all the "important" other roads, most of them anyway. I was so surprised at how many roads it intersected, and until yesterday or a few days ago (whenever I first went down this road), I didn't even know it existed. Well actually, I've driven through parts of this road before, just parts of it, I never decided on driving through the entire thing. But wow, it was beautiful.

If I wanted to buy a property somewhere in the future, if I ever made enough that would allow me to buy a home somewhere, I'd pick a property on this road (if I could afford it). I don't know what home prices are in that road, where I live now is pretty cheap, and I think that road is more expensive. But yeah I saw some of the town homes on this road and some of the condos on this road, and they were so beautiful. It's such a good road, would be nice to live on it I guess. I think it will have a lot of development in the future, just because it goes right through so many other important roads.

And the funny thing is that I have used this road a bunch of times, in like separate bursts from one block to another. I just had no idea all of these parts were connected. There is a certain "connector" part of this road that is completely barren right now. It's literally like 1-2 miles of nothingness. I would say it's the easiest road to speed on, because it's basically flat and you could see everything up ahead and everything behind (actually it is a bit uphill / downhill depending on your direction). But there's no buildings or trees, just lots of grass and dirt on the side of the road, so it's pretty clear.

I think this 1-2 miles of empty land right now, will be used for some major buildings in the future. I think so. The reason why I never knew that these roads I've already driven through before were all connected, is because of this "connector" part. It's so barren and plain, and the GPS never tells anyone to drive through it, that there's no reason to enter this part. But if one did, they'd find out, wow, this was connected to that? That was connected to this? It's surprising. I have seen that road a bunch of times, I always thought it lead to a dead end because it literally goes to this barren looking area so I never went in. Now I did, and I learned that yeah, this is a major road. It is a major road.

Anyway I drove from beginning to the end of the road today, and I can say it is a major road. I like this road a lot, it has a lot of mystery to it. It's significant, but mysterious.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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