June 19, 2020

7th Day in a Row!

Today is my 7th journal entry on this site, and I have to say, I‘ve thoroughly enjoyed writing here! I find it so much easier and faster to express myself online rather than on paper, and it’s nice seeing what other people journal about. I’m so glad I found this site through Habitica.

Anyways, I’m still working on both Consolation No. 3 and Flight of the Bumblebee. For Consolation No. 3, I’ve memorized page 2, and for Flight of the Bumblebee, I’ve memorized page 4 (I’ll talk about my tempo progress when I’ve memorized the whole thing.). I’m still going at the same pace as yesterday. There’s a problem, though, I think the peeps at home are getting annoyed with me practicing Flight of the Bumblebee so much. This is just one of the many reasons I need to save up for a digital piano. Even though I’m practicing on an old upright piano, it’s in pretty bad condition (I kind of feel sorry for it, honestly), and it’s probably hindering my overall progress because of it’s very wonky keys and pedal. I good digital piano is better than a bad acoustic one. I also logged what I practiced today in my new Practice Log. I just found about this feature. It’s pretty neat.

One last thing, It’s always good to give feedback and suggestions to developers, and it’s always nice when they respond. That happened today when I reported a bug to the Habitica team about the CDS and they replied back. I’ve learned that when there’s something wrong, say something about it.

That’s all. Be kind and keep striving!

Written by Quarter

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