June 20, 2020

Walked Down a Wealthy Neighborhood Road

6:30 AM (of Sunday, June 21st 2020)

Today is Saturday, June 20th 2020 and I didn't really do that much today. Most of my morning was again pre-occupied with a subject I didn't need to study anymore. However, I did finally "bite the bullet" on a thing I've been wanting to do related to that subject that I've been pondering the entire morning. I was thinking about it probably from 6 AM that morning until 3 PM that afternoon and later. I bit the bullet around 3-5 PM, I don't remember the exact time, but yeah I wasted my entire morning when I could have been studying or catching up on my finances.

Around 6 PM I went out for a drive again, I wanted to walk a few miles this time. This morning too, I looked up that road I wrote about yesterday, the road I think will be significant in the future, and the homes there were really expensive. Like $700,000 homes. Just some new/modern looking townhomes I saw from the side of the road as I drove by yesterday, I had no idea they were selling for so much. This made me feel like even more of a pauper, for real.

The place I live at right now is valued at less than a third of that, so less than $233,000, probably under $200,000. Yet it's weird, we are in roughly the same area. I mean it's only a few miles away from here, but the price discrepancy is huge. Previously the only way I knew to get to that area was through a major highway, but now that I've discovered this barren road that no one else drives through, I can get to that area even faster now with less miles by taking some back roads.

I parked at some shopping area near that neighborhood just so I could walk around as if I lived there. The shopping center was probably 20 minutes walking away from the neighborhood, but it was the only place I knew I could park safely in. I could have also parked in that neighborhood itself, with all the townhouses, but I don't know if you needed a parking permit or what. So whatever, I parked in the shopping area, far from all the other vehicles and people, and I got out of the car, got on the sidewalk, and started walking towards the neighborhood.

I passed through a bunch of other wealthy areas including a "luxury apartment" area, it actually had "luxury apartments" right on the sign. These apartments probably go for $2500+ for 2 bedrooms, while the old banged up place I used to live at was around $1400 for 2 bedrooms. The people in this area were wealthy, but they weren't as wealthy as some other neighborhoods I've been through. I could tell by their cars, a lot of people had some very old 2000s cars, while in the wealthiest neighborhood I've been in, all their cars are new and worth $50k+ easy.

My friend that I ride my bike with lives in a pretty wealthy area. All the homes and everything in his neighborhood is brand new and modern. Everything there just looks so clean and modern, all the architecture, paths, everything. I don't know if I want to live there though despite it being so cool. It honestly doesn't matter to me where I live, as long as the place is affordable and requires minimal maintenance. If I got to choose where to live, I'd live in a high rise one bedroom condo, on the first floor. And the way I imagine my room to be, is literally just one room, with the bedroom, kitchen, etc, all combined into one room, and there's a separate one small bathroom of course.

I like very small and minimal homes like that. I've stayed at all different types of homes, I slept at a huge mansion worth $6 Million+ before, stayed there for a few days. It was so big it had its own long winding driveway, a three car garage (not to mention you could fit like 30 cars in the driveway itself), and a huge fountain in front of the building. It's like what you imagine a mansion to look like, and it was several stories high too. I've also stayed at regular sized homes, town homes, apartments, condos, etc. The most comfortable place in my opinion, was a one bedroom condo that was so small that all the amenities (except the bathroom) were in one room. The kitchen and the bed were in the same room.

I've stayed at that same exact condo for around 3 days at a time, on two separate years, and that was the comfiest place I've stayed at. It wasn't even expensive, it was like $50 a night. But it was so minimal, like the only thing I had to worry about were the things in that room of which there was barely anything. There was a bed, a sink, a microwave, one stove, one closet, one tv, one sofa, and that was basically it. All in one room, like a hotel room. Yeah it was basically like a hotel room. If I could choose a place to live, it would be in a modern condo the size of a hotel room with one bed, small kitchen, a sink, bathroom, all my devices, Internet, and that's it. What else would I need?

I don't like large homes, they require so much maintenance. Apartments are so big too, you have to walk in a hallway to get to another room, and it has such a big living room. Homes are another story, they're like two stories usually and they have a basement, and they're so big. Then I would have to mow the lawn, take care of any exterior maintenance, etc. What a pain. Seriously the easiest maintenance would just be a small one bedroom condo in a high rise, preferably on the first floor. Condos on high floors suck in my opinion, they usually have a balcony that is used maybe less than 10 days out of 365 days in a year. Then you have to use stairs or an elevator to traverse the floors. It is so much easier to just live on the first floor of the high rise condo.

Of course there's no view, but I don't really care about a view. I've been to some of those touristy high floors like the top floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago (third tallest building in the United States), top floor of the CN Tower (it would be the tallest building in Canada by far, 553M in first place to 306M in second place, if it counted as a building), top of the Eiffel Tower, top of some tower in Singapore, lots of high rise places, and I don't really care about the view at all. I'd rather live on the first floor out of convenience, than at the penthouse of some high rise, even if it were given to me for free. Who the heck would voluntarily choose to live in a penthouse over a small room on the first floor?

I prefer convenience and simplicity over expensive and luxurious. A one bedroom modern/luxury condo on the first floor of a high rise would be a dream home. I only specify luxury, because I at least want it to be high quality. If it's going to just be one room, I want it to be very clean and modern, good lighting, sturdy build, etc. It's probably still not going to be that expensive for such a room. Cooling it wouldn't cost that much either, since a room like that I imagine would actually be smaller than a lot of large home's bathrooms. I've been in some very large bathrooms, like bathrooms the size of living rooms. My dream home would be smaller than that.

There's so much convenience in a small room. It would have everything I ever needed. I'd only have enough clothes to fit in a small wardrobe which makes it very convenient. I'd only have enough room in the entire home just for the essential items only, again making it very convenient. Maintenance would just be dusting a few things. Easy lifestyle. I don't know why I'd pick anything bigger. If I wanted to exercise, high rise condos like this usually have a pool and/or its own gym, so that's cool. And I wouldn't have to maintain it. My daily food expenses too are under $3 a day, and they only take boiling to cook, so that's again easy, cheap, and convenient. I've seen people posting that they spent more than $10 a day on food, which is ridiculously expensive.

But right now I do live in a pretty large home in comparison. It's not even large at all, just in comparison to this one bedroom condo where everything is crammed into one room, it is. There's so much room here that there's a bunch of junk that's piled up over the years, useless junk. I need to sell and/or get rid of a lot of things in my room and at home.

Anyway I walked for maybe an hour. Maybe it was longer? The thing is, I walked through quite a number of neighborhoods and areas, like, several of them, that I may have traversed several miles without it even feeling like it. To me it felt like I walked 2000 steps maybe. Like it was literally no distance at all. Yet I walked through two shopping districts, several freaking neighborhoods, I passed by a gas station, some parking lots, some recreational parks, a police station, etc. I passed by so many freaking areas, homes, condos, apartments, etc, that I may have walked a bunch of miles without even trying. Let me check my phone to see how many steps I walked, because again to me it felt like a 20 minute walk maybe.

I took around 8000 steps yesterday without even trying. Like to me, I just went out, for a walk, and that was it. Apparently I walked 4 miles with no effort. If I kept walking straight, seriously, I could have traversed this entire road, but obviously I turned around at some point. I reached this stop light at this highway road, and that was it. I could have crossed it, I knew what would have been ahead, but I figured crossing this road was very risky since it was a highway and nearly impossible to cross in the first place (even though there was a crosswalk, cars move at like 55+ MPH down this road) and it was like 8 lanes wide, lots of cars, so it would have been pretty intimidating to walk across even with a crosswalk. So yeah at that point, I was like, man this is scary, and I just made U-Turn. If I kept walking straight though, there would have been no end.

Also another thing I noticed is that no one else wore a mask except for me. I passed by a lot of people today, and no one, not a single other person, was wearing a mask. It's just another normal day to these people, lol. That's exactly why I find it so hard and risky to walk outside nowadays. Previously there was no one that went out, but now everyone is going out. There's no more empty sidewalks, no place I feel safe walking down where I would encounter no one.

Anyway that was pretty much my entire day today. I wasted the entire day basically doing pretty much nothing. But I did walk for 4 miles and had a good time. Also even though I walked through those wealthy neighborhoods, it felt so normal, like no big deal at all.

There's just a few more words for me until I make it to over 2000 words, so I'm just going to keep writing until I reach that. This is one of my longest entries I've ever done. My longest may have been over 10,000 but it's not on this site. I've done a few that were over 5000 I'm sure. Maybe I've done over 15,000 in a single day. Anyway this entry is my longest one in recent times, but definitely not my longest or close to those. Yeah I think we hit over 2000 now. So yeah that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Jun 21, 2020

Dang, how long did the 15,000 one take?

Posted On Jun 21, 2020

@Quarter A bunch of hours lol

Posted On Jun 21, 2020

@Quarter I don't remember exactly, probably an all day activity

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