March 5, 2020




Today was an rather relaxing day, lessonwise. But I worried too much today. Like, not getting math homework done in time, having no time to work on school stuff this weekend and all... But everything went well today, I got math finished in time, went to our Flute lesson and then the rolls were ready in time I had to go to the TK, so I quickly cut two of them, put a slice of cheese on it, "squeeched" them into a box and left. As they were still pretty warm, the cheese melted a bit inside, it was tasty.

We represented our favourite songs, we even could show off a few more because only Jasmin wath there and the Leader Alex. Jasmin had a few covering love, she likes Schlager. Alex had one older worship song and I had a few modern worship songs, of course worship, what else 😂

No, you don't need to be like "I'm Christian, I only listen to worship". I also like a few non-spiritual songs. But for me I found, that I like worship the best.

But whatever it may be, the lyrics is most important. If I can't agree to it, I'm sorry if it has a nice melodia, but I need to refuse.

Also I had no headache today, yay!

And I got my pen back, oh I'm so happy. It was still where I probably have left it: on the sheet for CD-orders. Also there was a big box of electronical stuff or something, I didn't pay much attention.

Well then, I should prepare myself for bed. And read Christophs (penpal) letter :)


Written by Plesi`

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