June 22, 2020

the main tank is kind of jank, vol. 2

Guess who didn't show up for raid today it's KANZARIS KELSHEN

At this point we should probably start shopping for a new tank. Geez though. I don't mind if he's busy or sick or just has better things to do than slumming with us doing old content, but he should say so instead of telling everyone he's coming and then quietly slipping offline at raid time.

At least all of us knew the score when we saw Kan was offline. Most of us didn't even bother logging into FFXIV. We just hung out. I spent most of the time working on pixel art (Electrico, using the Yoake/Dawn palette). newbie persuaded numbers to stream some game that I didn't catch the name of, but it looked bad. (As HGR put it: "It looks like Crypt of the NecroDancer without any of the things that made Crypt of the NecroDancer good.") numbers got through half of the first level before quitting. Then newbie streamed his aim training for our collective amusement.

Eventually, newbie and Luis left to duo Apex, and numbers and Dante left to take naps, and the rest of us dispersed. An hour after that, Kan popped back online with not a word to anyone. In retrospect, I think that was his plan last week, but he underestimated how long we would wait for him.

I wonder when 5.3 is coming. I still need to catch up on the MSQ lmao. Eden 9-12 won't be released until 5.4, so we still have time to do Eden's Verse while it's current.


update (6/22):

"Why has nobody called out Kan?" said HGR.

"I dunno," I said.

"I'm doing it." And he posted in Discord: "@Kanzaris what happen"

Kan replied two minutes later: "I was all set to play and then I realized I had Father's Day celebrations to attend to, whoops. Apologies guys, it legit slipped my mind that it was Sunday. Thought they were on Monday."

HGR fixed him with a classic HGR look, saying, "Perhaps you could leave a message here in such a situation."

Kan had no response to that.


edit (6/24): Of course we don't buy it, but we were wondering: For this hypothetical Father's Day celebration, was Kan the son or the dad? "I hope I can be a great father like Kanzaris someday," said HGR. "Everyone will respect me."

Written by Achaius

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