June 21, 2020

A Meaningful Celebration.

To celebrate Father's day and my mother's birthday, we held a big celebration at my mom's hometown, at my aunt's house. It was a small, borneon village. Yet it was warm with welcome and love.

I went there and helped baked cookies and prep for dinner. It was so lovely to be able to hear my family talk in our native language. It's been so long since I've heard it. Studying in the city, can make you miss the beauty and simplicity of living a simple life in the village (at least for me).

I paint a few small paintings to make bookmarks as my mom's presents (since she's been reading a lot lately). I'm glad she loved it!

I've been off grid (no line/internet), hence it was difficult for me to write here or to even open habitica 😂. I can only write back in my journal, just as much as I can. I hope I can maintain after this.

I'll be returning back in the city in a week to complete my internship. Hopefully I can keep being productive (≧ω≦)

**I took this pic of us (siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces) going in the forest, taking a shortcut to our grandma's house for a quick visit. Don't worry, we are all strong n brave children hahaha.

Written by elvena_art

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