June 23, 2020

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me..Happy birthday to me..Happy birthday..happy birthday..happy birthday to me...

What gift do you want to give yourself? When I was an adult, rewarding myself was the most beautiful reason to buy the most desirable item a long time ago.

I wanted to travel to Europe, but time was not possible because it was a pandemic. So right now I don't want anything anymore.

For you, what do you want most as your birthday gift? Please share if pleased :)

Written by purpeisme

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Posted On Jun 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Purpeisme! Enjoy your birthday!! You can save for traveling Europe some other time then :)
For my birthday I just like it if at least one other person says happy birthday, then I'm good :)

Posted On Jun 23, 2020

Have a blessed birthday Purpeisme! I'm sure you'll get to travel one day😊 For me, I don't think much about gifts, nor do I expect any. Yet, I would love to visit a special place for my birthday this year. That itself would already be enough for me :3

Posted On Jun 23, 2020

Happy birthday, purpleisme! Just celebrated my brother’s a few a days ago, and it was splendid. Hope yours is too!

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