June 23, 2020

A Calm Day.

I didn't do much today. Just normal chores; cleaning, cooking and laundry -but I love this ordinary activities. I was so busy in university projects and studies (and living in dorm) for years, that I miss this 'mundane' activities.

I played with the kittens (three of them), and read a manga in the afternoon. The kittens are so delicate and cute, I love playing with them. The oldest cat in the house didn't really like them, but he pays no mind and do his stuff far from them. I've always wanted to have a puppy, but my parents said it was too much for them to care for (we have a lot of cats already). I love both cats and dogs that it's in my bucket list to have both as pets when I have my own place.

**I didn't take pics of the kittens yet (it's so hard because they move around so much 😂). Yet here's an artwork I did inspired by my cats. They sleep around so much that I wonder if they dream. Maybe they do :3

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jun 23, 2020

Love the art, great stuff.

Posted On Jun 24, 2020

What a lovely artwork!😍💖 this makes me wanna draw again :3

Posted On Jun 25, 2020

@Achaius thank you🙆

Posted On Jun 25, 2020

@s_t_4_r yes! u can always start again 🙆🙆

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