June 23, 2020

Mainly Caught Up On Things

6:50 AM (of Wednesday, June 24th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, June 23rd 2020 and the past few days I've just been catching up on some things. It seems like whenever I catch up on something I fall back behind on other things, but that's at least a few times less to worry about.

I caught up on my finances and my exercise log, I have to now catch up on my selfies, daily food pics, journal entries, math homework, business homework, and then I have to study a lot for something else. Man, so much work that I am behind on. I'll publish entries that I needed to catch up on probably this Thursday since I have homework due on Wednesday and that's the primary thing I'll be working on.

Oh yeah I'll be making a new School log, and then put in what I do there. I'll also be making a study log for personal things I'm studying and learned.

Written by JustMegawatt

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