June 24, 2020

A beautiful reminder

Today, wasn't that of a good day. It wasn't a bad day either. It felt kinda gloomy and empty. I think it's just one of those days we go through in life.

This was the gift I made for my dad. I loved this picture and I miss those good old days as a kid. I was quite the tomboy and rebel; I caused quite a lot of trouble haha, but looking back I have no regrets. In fact, if I go back in time, I'd do it all over again. It was those actions that made me stronger, more independent and less judgemental. It was a painful process, but one that I'm grateful to go through.

My dad was a hardworking man. He didn't get to study farther than most, but he never gave up. Even as busy as he is, he never missed the important moments of us as we were growing up. Always loving us to the best he can. I remember when I was 8, he still brought my sister and I cakes eventhough there were less than 10$ in his wallet. When no one believes in my talent, my dad would silently bought me watercolour paints and gave them to me late at night, telling me to try again. I love and respect him so much for many things that he showed and taught me.

I believe that there is no perfect family. We all go through tremendous challenges in any point of our lives as a family; and many also share different values and perspective of what a family is.

"But we are our own choices, to be a better parent, a better child to our parents, and a better person to ourselves- it is us who will make that choice, not our past."

Thank you dad, for always reminding and warning me of that. I hope tomorrow will be better. I'm sure it will. I know it will.

Written by elvena_art

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