June 24, 2020

white stone with a cherry on top

June 17 – the upshot is, I miss being able to go get a shake during work. maybe I should buy a blender. a blender would open up SO many options. not just shakes, but fruit smoothies and frappes!

June 18 – okay, looking at blenders on Amazon, there seem to be three main kinds:

  1. $20 mini blenders. blend your smoothie in a single-serving cup and then drink it straight from the cup, very convenient. downside is they suck. lots of 1* reviews saying "can't even cut up a banana" and "stopped working after a month"
  2. $50-100 regular blenders. this is presumably where it's at but there are SO MANY of them
  3. $150+ ultra professional blenders. lol no

then I looked through a bunch of smoothie and milkshake recipes and now I'm hungry

June 19 – Ten minutes into my daily balcony walk, I heard a series of loud pops and hurried inside. It was probably just a guy setting off fireworks, but I wasn't going to risk it being gunfire. I finished my walk inside.

A few days ago, a corpse was found in the apartment storage room. Management emailed all the residents about it. They didn't say anything about the cause of death, but I presume foul play (unless someone very coincidentally went into the storage room and had a heart attack). I know I've talked a lot of smack about cops but I hope they catch whoever did it.

June 23 – lol I took a call from my boss today, but I forgot to let my roommate know what I was doing, so he randomly yelled "BIG DRUMSTICK" from the other room and I hope my boss didn't hear

Written by Achaius

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