June 24, 2020

Mostly Homework

1:20 AM (of Friday, June 26th 2020)

Today is Wednesday, June 24th 2020 and today was not as busy as I thought it would be. In yesterday's entry, I wrote about how busy Wednesday was going to be mainly because I had a lot of homework due that night. However, it turns out it wasn't that busy at all.

Math Homework

The math course I signed up for required readings for 8 chapters in 1 week, and because I didn't look at or work on my homework ahead of time, I had just one day to do it. There was probably over 100 pages of technical math material to read, and this may have been possible if I crammed the entire weekend and one or two extra days to do it, but it wasn't possible to do in one day. So you know what I did? I dropped it.

It was a really easy decision to drop the course. I looked at the homework for that week, saw the very high difficulty of it, and I dropped the entire course. I won't be getting my bachelor's degree for another 2-3 years which is really slow. I guess I'll just be taking this one business course for now until the next term.

Business Homework

This homework was a lot easier and more manageable to complete than the math homework. It wasn't hard, just some readings, answering some questions, etc. I did this in about 2-3 hours total throughout the day. I did most of the homework in the morning before work started, and then I completed the rest after work.

I like that I only have one class to worry about, instead of two. It makes things so much simpler, although it does slow my progression towards a degree unfortunately.


Work was a pretty normal and busy day today. I had a good amount of things to work on which was alright.

After Work

After work one of the main things I got done was the business homework assignment. That wasn't too bad. I think this was the day where I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, so I went to sleep pretty early today at around 10 PM, if I recall correctly. I would wake up at around 7 AM the next day, so that's 9 hours of sleep, if I recall things correctly.

Written by JustMegawatt

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