March 6, 2020

The Enclave and Fallout (Pre-War)

Right now, I am getting ready to work on a personal project, but before that, I am reading about the different factions for Fallout. The one I am currently reading about is the Enclave. Basically, in Fallout, the world in devastated during a nuclear world called the Great War and your main character who survives years in the future after said war. One of the factions after the Great War is the Enclave, created by a cabal of wealthy businessmen, members of the military, and influential American politicians. The group was technically created during pre-war America, but the Enclave created Vaults and isolated locations to hideout before the war started. Soon, the bombs fell and the group hid its members in various bunkers across the United States with a main headquarters called "Control Station Enclave" being established off the coast of California.

Written by tyler775

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