June 26, 2020




This was a strange day. We played games, at first "Der Wiederstand" and then we playd "Werwolf" but using the cards from the previous game because Laura didn't bring it along. We could go earlier after receiving certificates. The bus drive was strange, I became a headache and felt like I desperately needed to drink water. When I was home ervyting was okay, but of course I drank something. There I ate one piece of the delicious bread with the milka chocolate cream. Enterprise (old) was on TV so i went there and watched the episode with Koloss, that strange thing no one could look at without being harmed. I was analyzing the woman because I knew she was blind (which comes out just later and only the doctor figured out, but except for the beginning she looked perfectly normal. She was seeing with her dress as my sister said just I couldn't believe it.

Then I talked with Lea at 13:00 and got the feeling of having to vomit. Which I did afterwards, but then I felt better.

So I went to sleep. After lunch I got medicine. Don't know when it was working, but even though iI didn't feel like it, still I had to actively take part on TRAX and it was great. And for a moment when they played the new song, right when there was the sentence with the Holy Spirit, I felt to be touched by God and it was great.

It was Leas Goodbye and she is the only one so far having it recorded. She always smiles so beautifully during worship and the photos they shoed of her.

Now we play Skribbl.io with Lilly and Debbie and Sindy, Lea goes to Wuppergrill as it's her last time at the moment.


My certificate was good btw.

Written by Plesi`

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