June 26, 2020

Walked on a Sidewalk Disconnected From the Rest of the World

1:19 PM (of Saturday, June 27th 2020)


Today is Friday, June 26th 2020 and today has been an excellent Friday. Like I said in yesterday's (Thurday's) entry, fell asleep at around 6-7 PM and woke up at 12:30 AM. Yeah that really happened, I fell asleep at 6 PM on Thursday, with no intention to sleep at all and just closing my eyes barely, fell asleep to a well lit room because the sun was still up and my windows were open, and when I woke up my room was dark and I didn't know what time it was.


You know the first panic thought that came to mind? It's that I didn't complete the homework due on Thursday. It was homework that was really easy to do too, and I could have done it all in around an hour. I panicked because I didn't know what time it was when I woke up, and immediately thought it was 3 AM and because of that I assumed I got a 0 on my assignment. A 0 for one assignment doesn't sound a big deal, but it can hugely affect my grades in the end. The due time sometimes changes from 11:55 PM to 12:55 AM based on daylight savings I think, and since it was already 12:30 AM, if the due date was at 11:55 PM I would get an automatic 0 on the assignment. If it was due at 12:55 AM, I still had a chance to turn in an assignment for a grade.

I turned on my computer and logged into the site to check the due time, and yes! it was due at 1 AM, or 12:55 AM to be exact! So that gave me an extra 20 minutes to write as much as I can and turn something in. Even if the quality isn't great, and I think the quality was alright, it was still far better to have turned in an assignment and gotten a 50% than to have missed it and gotten a 0. So I turned in what I could in 20 minutes, which was indeed answering every question correctly but in a very rushed manner. Like I said the assignment was easy for me to do, and I could have done it in an hour, but since there was a time constraint I just rushed and turned in whatever I had (everything still correct though, but points may be docked for lack of quality).

Before Work

After that I worked on some other personal things throughout the night, and then I tried to go to sleep again at 4:30 AM. I ended up waking up around an hour later at 5:30 AM and I stayed awake for the rest of the day. I don't remember much of what I did before work, except that I had a bunch of time available to me because I woke up so early.


Work was pretty nice and manageable, I worked on some things here and there, and I got a good amount of work done. It was a Friday so it was a very chill day for everyone. Nice one.


After work I was done, woohoo! Weekend time! I asked my dad to drive me to that road I mentioned before where I wanted to walk down the sidewalk, but never could because there's nowhere to park to walk. He drove me to a commuter parking lot, I told him I would have parked here except that there was a sign that said commuter services were closed, so I assumed this parking lot was also closed. My dad said I could just park here whenever though, but I don't know about that. Anyway he dropped me off and drove back home, I walked down the sidewalk carrying a mask in my hand. Awesome! I could finally walk outside without a mask!

The reason why I wanted to walk down this sidewalk in particular was because it was empty and long. I don't know how many miles long it is, but I did take over 10,000 steps today going down one way and back. Actually I did make a turn into a neighborhood as well though, and I went around that neighborhood, so there were definitely a thousand or two extra steps from that neighborhood alone (there was a lot of walking in that neighborhood). So I think I can say that this long sidewalk path is around 2 miles one way, and because I had to turn around go back, that was an automatic 4 miles of walking.

It was a really nice and easy walk in the fresh outdoors. There were times when I had to put a mask on though, because there were other people from time to time. It was just such a rarity that it was amazing walking down this path. There were probably a total of 4 people I encountered on the sidewalks after 1-2 hours of walking, so it's a deserted sidewalk. The reason it's deserted is that there's no way to get to it, unless you live in that neighborhood or are willing to leave your car parked in a sketchy empty parking lot. Everyone I encountered on the sidewalk was from that neighborhood. I could tell because everyone turned to go back into it. I was the only person walking down this empty sidewalk that was dropped off to walk here.

I'll drive around that "block" again and see if there is any way to get there by parking somewhere and just walking. There definitely are some ways I'm thinking of other than the two aforementioned, but that would involve walking across non-sidewalked sides of the road and risk getting run over. I've also circled around this entire block and didn't see anywhere I could park to reach it easily. It's literally a sidewalk that's cut off from the rest of the world other than if you park in that one neighborhood that connects to it or if you park in a commuter parking lot that is completely empty because of closed commuter services. Later my dad picked me up when I reached the commuter parking lot again and we went home.

At home I was feeling very satisfied with the entire day. Seriously I felt very good about today. I watched some Back to the Future videos and then went to sleep at around 3 AM. Yeah I barely had any sleep that entire night but I still lasted the entire day and then some.

Written by JustMegawatt

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