June 27, 2020




Nothing much. We went Shopping and got toilet paper, rallador and a dinkel bread. But when i walked into DM the scanner startet to make high pitched alarm noises. I Always fear they think i wanted to steal something. The reason was the rallador we bought at Woolworth previously. The book is not available yet, They'll notify us if it is. And the electric board did not show the bus at the time we took it...

Mom had bought me a Glassed bottle with whales on it yesterday. Pretty simple whsles, without fin or side uh howeeer they're called. I like the bottle but the simpliness... Something's missing, the swim-things need to be there. I had put the frio tea into it snd the bag fits, folded, but it works. Also if i',? Careful i can put the water into it without anything else.

We ate skewers and salad (potato, noodle),.

Then my sister and I played MK8, after i hsd played Pokemon sword for a while. But i missed the tournsment in acnh.

My phone is heating up so quickly. I wonder if It's because of the summer heat, as this is the only season It's so extreme. I removed the phone case, just in case. It's so strange, ferls different. On the one hand i find this design way stylisher as It's thinner but on the other Hand it feels more fragile, for me to accidentaly drop it. I have to be extra careful.

I'm looking forward to eat the dinkel bread tomorrow, the ones from the bakery are the best, especially the sides 😋😍


Nachtrag (01.07.2020): What does rallador even mean in English, I could also say Triftis (GR) but rallador sounds better. It's that thing you can get a piece of cheese (e.g.) into many small stripes. And then put it on pizza or something.

Written by Plesi`

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