June 27, 2020

artfight 2020 roster

It's almost artfight time!

(Remember back in January when we were discussing summer vacation plans and I was like "preferably not in July because of artfight"? It feels like forever ago, those halcyon days when "summer vacation" was actually a possibility.)

(Weirdly I don't miss vacation. I mean, it would've been cool, but I don't miss it. I miss the ordinary things, like heading to Starbucks every morning to grab a caramel mocha, or taking an afternoon walk to the plaza for a legendary raid. Nostalgia hits me in stray waves and at odd moments. Suddenly I'm lost in thought, imagining myself walking down the sidewalk, hurrying to catch the evening train.)

But anyway, artfight. Exciting stuff. Back in August 2019 I was planning to revamp my whole roster, which didn't entirely pan out; but I made a couple solid additions and I'm decently satisfied with what I've got. The OCtober recruitment drive was a total bust though.


  1. Mini (Gemini Hollins) [human (m)] [3]: Small boy, big hoodie. All-day energy. He's the one who I doodle when I can't think of anything else to draw. Role: DPS.
  2. Cy (Cynan Cardiff) [human (m)] [3]: Mini's best friend. Role: Healer.
  3. R.J. Dantzler & her pet rats [human (f)] [-]: Six pet rats, to be specific. They play basketball. Role: Tank.
  4. Lil Levi [anthro shark (m)] [-]: Canonically Mini's OC. Skater boi, graffiti artist.
  5. Denali [fox (m)] [7]: Just a fox. It's important to have a basic canid on the front page to attract artists who specialize in basic canids.
  6. Ian Aldridge Cantwell [kangaroo (m)] [2]: Just a kangaroo. No one specializes in kangaroos. Sophomore at UC Berkeley, track star, friends with Denali.

Bench players:

  1. Otto von Solzern [anthro mouse (m)] [1]: aka "the dude in full armor who nobody else will draw, ever"
  2. Traffic Wyrm [wyrm?] [4]: Fans of simple shapes, unite! I'm not actually sure if this guy counts as simple-shaped, but I'm not drawing him so it's not my problem.

There's some notable gaps here (why don't I have a wolf? why don't I have a weasel? also, my feral design is extremely unispired) but eh, I'm probably just going to chill until July.

Written by Achaius

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