June 27, 2020

Better Day (part II)

These few days onwards will be my last days at home before flying back and return to my university to complete my internship.

I take time to enjoy the little things; a walk around my house, watering the plants, cleaning the house, cooking, baking and watching tv haha. I gotta pack soon nevertheless.

If I'm being honest, 2020 has kinda ruined my internship for me. Now we are just barely holding on and doing all that we can to just complete the credit hours. I didn't have the work exposure or in-field experiences through my internship. I was really glad that I was active in my university to cope up with that. Yet it probably wasn't enough.

I will try and give my best regardless. Maybe soon, I might see the silver lining. I found this picture and it gives such deep meaning to me. I took time to think about it, it was a good moment of silence and self-reflection.

What speaks to you from seeing and reflecting upon this pic?

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jun 28, 2020

It looks like the guy with only money and the guy with neither books or money, have the same view

Posted On Jun 28, 2020

@JustMegawatt interesting right? kinda ironic too haha

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