June 27, 2020

Walked Around Again, Studied a Little

11:10 PM

I woke up today at around 7 AM after going to sleep at 3 AM. I have a really bad sleep schedule I guess.

Back to the Future Party

What I did this morning was just watch some Back to the Future videos, and I just reminisced on some memories I have with some people in the movie. I have actually met several of the people in the movies and got photos and autographs with them. Back in 2015 I was in a party with them, got all access to the VIP areas and got to meet them directly, it was a cool experience. There were actually a bunch of famous Hollywood people there and the place was packed, like so many Hollywood stars, directors, writers, etc.

Back to the Future Clips

Anyway I watched some Back to the Future 2 clips and there were so many predictions that the writers made back in 1985 that never came true, not even close. Flying cars for example are almost physically impossible just based on the energy requirements.The writers predicted that we would have weather predictions accurate to the second, and no way do we have that. They also predicted things like hoverboards, thumbprint doorknobs, self-drying jackets, clothing that talks, etc. Almost none of that came true.

What ended up happening is that 1985 is mostly the same as 2015, the only difference being computer technology, the Internet, and mobile phones have greatly advanced since then. That's pretty much it. Cars are still the same (although more fuel efficient and better safety), planes are still the same, all the sicknesses / diseases are still the same, and so on and so forth. Oh another huge thing is the drastic human population boom, and the drastic non-human population decline and destruction, that's probably the most important thing.


Around 1 PM I took a nap and fell asleep because I really barely had any sleep the night before, and I woke up again at around 4 PM. I watched some videos for a bit, and then I went out for a drive and then a walk.

Walking Around

I walked around that wealthy neighborhood area I walked around in earlier, where the townhomes are $700k roughly. Town homes. I thought I could have afforded living here which is why I looked up prices in this area when I drove by, but it turns out no. I could not. Anyway I found a good place to park this time, just at some neighborhood area close to a gas station. There were just a bunch of open parking spaces, looks like no permit at all required, and I parked in one of them.

Yeah I just started walking around again. Overall I took around 7000 steps, and I went to a bunch of areas too. This just shows how much longer that other path I took was. Because I walked around in a bunch of places here, through a few different neighborhoods, some shopping centers, some parks, and I ended up taking only 7000 steps. The only reason I stopped walking was because it got dark, it was already after 9 PM when I finished walking.

Studied and Worked

Anyway when I got back home, I studied a little and worked on some projects. That was cool, that was fun. I learned a little bit, and got some things done. Awesome. So my day didn't really start until the evening, because I really didn't do anything before that.

But now I'm so sleepy and I'm going to sleep soon.

Written by JustMegawatt

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