June 28, 2020

Another interesting topic


I found this picture and had a good laugh with it. I wonder how much true and relatable this is to the 90s kids.

For me, being one, is kinda true. I don't hate marriage, I respected it and those who uphold it. Yet, I don't consider it at all for now (or even for the next 5 years).

Unfortunately, in my place, this is quite the disadvantage. Marriage, or women being married are seen as a blessing; and good lord, the aunts do get very annoying with their questions, or more accurately, interrogations😂. I feel like running away from all those expectations (just like in the picture).

I'm glad my parents understand and didn't pressure me. They know my dreams and priorities for now. Maybe I'll consider it, in the next 5 years haha.

What are your thoughts on marriage? for those who aren't yet, what are your expectations? and for those who already are.. how was it?

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jun 29, 2020

I think it's becoming increasingly popular not to marry. I was very pro-marriage until about 3 years ago, learning more and just thinking about it. One of my co-workers at an old job told me "never marry" because he had a divorce. Another co-worker also divorced. Due to the divorce rates being about 50%, and the stress, loss, etc from divorce, I'm opting out of marriage forever. If I wanted to, I would just choose to live with a partner in a legally non-binding way.

Posted On Jun 29, 2020

@JustMegawatt that is interesting. Some of my friends are also into such partnership lifestyle. I'm still considering where I stand because I've seen many successful marriages in my circle -but I still have a lot of growing up to do haha. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions🙆

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