June 28, 2020

Visited Relatives and Picked Up Lots of Free Food, Embarrassing Walk

10:43 PM

One good thing about today is that I'm at least writing this entry the same day it's for, instead of a day after.

Another good thing is that I received a 100% grade on my assignment that I wrote about on Friday's entry I believe. I only had 20 minutes to complete the assignment, and like I said I answered all the questions correctly, just not in a refined way. So even though I completed that assignment in a rush, I still put in some acceptable quality answers and got a 100% on it with some nice feedback. I am not bragging and I don't condone doing homework assignments as late as I did, it just turns out I did well on something I rushed to complete.

Relatives Sold Home

Today my dad got some news from some relatives. Two of my relatives have just sold their homes recently. Apparently the housing market right now is in a boom, because they pretty much sold their homes right away after listing them. One of my relatives is moving to a smaller home in a different state after selling their home here, and the other relatives are moving to a small apartment after selling their house. The relatives that are moving to an apartment texted my dad to come over so he could pick out a bunch of stuff that they were just going to give away anyway.

Free Stuff

I went with my dad and it took about an hour and a half to drive there. When we got there my dad and I were greeted by my aunt and uncle, and then we just chat for a bit. Afterward my aunt lead us downstairs to their basement floor and all the furniture and items and things were all over the place, boxes here and there, it was messy. My aunt basically said we could just take whatever we wanted. There was really not much appliances and things we could bring back home because we didn't have the space for it. I really hate having so much stuff anyway.

The free stuff we ended up getting was an emergency car kit, it had some cables to start up a dead battery, and a portable USB battery that could also start up a dead battery. I also got this car snow cleaner pole tool that is used to remove snow from windshields, since I don't think I have one and usually have to borrow my dad's when I clean my car of snow. That's it for the free stuff.

Why I Don't Like Having Stuff

I just saw hundreds of things lying around, lots of unopened appliances too, some items worth hundreds of dollars still unopened or just barely used. This is why I think having so many things is so unnecessary, and this is why I personally prefer to live in a smaller place than a larger one. Living in a large home just sucks because there's so much space and people feel compelled to fill it up. There's also more maintenance, higher expenses, and usually higher taxes involved with larger properties too. I'd rather live in a one bedroom one bathroom small apartment than a huge home. I simply do not want to own that many things.

Free Food

Anyway what we mainly came in for was to pick up some food. They have a pretty big pantry with lots of food that they bought and just left there I guess. There were so many unopened items, most of it were bulk items that came from Costco. My dad and I picked up a few boxes of food, in total weighing over 50 pounds, there was even a single bag of rice that weight 20 pounds by itself. Everything we picked up was vegetarian of course, because there's no need to eat meat, and we basically just left only canned meat items in their pantry, which there wasn't that much of to begin with.

From their pantry we picked up these foods, and this is just from what I remember. I'm definitely going to miss some things because I literally just grabbed whatever I saw sometimes, all of these were unopened and fully stocked:

  1. 5-10 pounds of canned green beans
  2. 5-10 pounds of canned diced tomatoes
  3. 7 pounds of canned fruit
  4. two wholesale bags of seaweed
  5. box of black bean pasta
  6. wholesale box of jackfruit meals
  7. box of pre-cooked brown rice bags
  8. big bag of craisins
  9. box of whole wheat crackers
  10. container of peanuts
  11. tub of strawberry jelly spread
  12. jar of grape jelly spread
  13. 20 pound bag of some special Korean rice (we've only eaten Jasmine rice from Thailand and brown rice from somewhere, at home)
  14. large bag of flour (sold out at every store)
  15. Box of pancake mix
  16. Large box of oatmeal
  17. Box of Brevita breakfast bars
  18. Miscellaneous ingredients like tapioca

I think that's all I can recall from memory. We left a few items there like the canned meats I mentioned earlier, but also some food items we already had or had too much of, like we left behind a few jars of grape jelly, some candies they had, spices they had, etc.

The foods we picked up at their place, are foods I basically never buy myself ever. I love seaweed, peanuts, and craisins, especially when you combine them together to make a sweet-crunchy,salty taste, but I never buy them ever. I pretty much live my entire life plainly on some cheap vegetables, rice, fake meats, potatoes, cheap fruits like bananas, apples and oranges, flax seed, peanut butter, and that is pretty much it. I spend less than $30 a week on food, and it's a pretty simple lifestyle. I won't deny eating other vegetarian foods when given to me for free, like all the foods listed above, but I'm simply just not going out and buying anything else.

Drive Back Home

On the drive back home I fell asleep in the car. It was around another hour and a half until we got back, and there was stuff in the back so I couldn't tilt my car seat back to lie down, I fell asleep basically sitting down and felt stiff after waking up. When we got back home, I stretched outside first and then we picked up the stuff and carried it home. There was probably 80 pounds of stuff that we got, now that I've listed out all the food items we got from them. It required two trips home and back to the car, and this was a pretty nice exercise.


I wasted most of my time in the afternoon not doing anything. I watched some videos and shows, and I ate that combination of craisins, peanuts, and seaweed together, and it tasted pretty nice. Geez I still remember reading some of the stupidest things ever, not stupid because it was stupid, but stupid because it was so unnecessary. I was reading some biographies of some fictional characters on their wikia page, like why? I knew it was stupid reading this stuff too while I was reading through it, but I just kept on doing it.

I could have been doing homework or studying for real instead of this stuff. What a huge waste of time seriously.

Embarrassing Walk

Afterwards I went out for a drive for a bit and then walked outside. I parked at that same open parking area I parked in yesterday, and went out for a walk. I was wearing this Mario themed shirt given to me as a gift that I don't like wearing in public because it has some Japanese text on it that I can't even read, and dislike the idea of people thinking of me as Japanese or this Mario nerd or something. I'm okay wearing the shirt at home or with some friends/relatives who know I'm not Japanese and I don't really care about Mario, but I felt so embarrassed walking out in public like this because I do stand out as the only Asian person walking around in a mostly white neighborhood, so after walking like 1000-2000 steps, I went back to the car.

I know it doesn't really matter, but it just felt so awkward to me. Like I'm not a Mario guy nor am I Japanese, but my shirt was themed in that way. I have gotten one compliment from an attractive girl once while wearing this shirt in public, and she had like this very excited expression on her face and exclaimed to me excitedly like "WOW! that's a really awesome shirt!" and I think she gave me two thumbs up or I could have just imagined it, I was jogging at the time. I just said "Thanks!" and just jogged passed her, if I recall correctly. This was the time when I ran 13 miles down this trail last year, and I passed by loads of people.

Actually I guess I don't really care about wearing the shirt out in public either. I wore it just fine during that 13 mile run and I passed by hundreds of people that day through that crowded trail. Today was just like, I dunno. I just felt embarrassed wearing this shirt out in that wealthy neighborhood area, especially since there were a bunch of cars driving around and I just did not want to be seen like this.

Anyway I drove around for a while afterwards before going back home.


At home I didn't do much. I basically just got home, checked some emails, and then proceeded to write tonight's entry. I got home at around 9:30 PM. The current time is now 11:52 PM and I started at 10:43 PM, so it took me over an hour to write all this. I'm going to sleep soon I guess.

That's it for today's entry.

Written by JustMegawatt

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