June 29, 2020


At long last, we defeated Emperor Varis! Kan was his normal self today, so hopefully everything's cool going forward.

Fortius was pretty straightforward once we adopted the fan strategy. I died once because right after Fortius, there's a spread attack where we all have designated positions to stand; and Kan shouted "Get to your spread positions" and HGR said "There's four" (aka there's a fourth Fortius strike coming, don't go yet) but I was already following the call and didn't hear HGR and the fourth Fortius strike killed me.

Best moment of the day: Mid-fight, Varis flies into the air and summons the Bladesblood. The tanks step forward to intercept it and are basically put into stasis, and we have to kill the Bladesblood before they die. It's a straightforward DPS check. But apparently the tanks have to perform a QTE during that part to assist in their not dying. On one run, Dante tabbed out to play literally NGU Idle, and he didn't do his QTE; so he died and we insta-wiped. It was hilarious. HGR was like "Do I have to call this??" and for every run after that, he called out "TANKS, DO THE ACTIVE TIME MANEUVER."

But anyway, we smoked Varis. We never got close to enrage; we had like 45 seconds to spare on our winning run. I got a 9% parse. I feel like our frequent hiatuses have wiped out any skill increase I got from Titan, whoops. At least I had company; Luis also scored 9%. (newbie was 14%, everyone else was green, Kan and his 500 gear were 99%.)

Then we moseyed over to Eden's Verse Savage to check out Ramuh, the Heritor of Levin. (Ah, yes, Ramuh, exactly how I remember him) We didn't stay too long because numbers hadn't slept for the past 22 hours straight; he drank like a pot of coffee before raid, but coffee can only do so much.

Written by Achaius

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