June 29, 2020

Ran Outside, Studied A Bit

11:18 PM

Today has been a pretty good day I think. I woke up at around 6:30 AM and the first thing I did after using the bathroom was to walk outside. I walked about 1200 steps, and then when I came back home I studied for an hour before eating any breakfast or doing anything else. Those two actions were a very good start to the day by themselves, seriously. I learned a few new things I didn't before, and my hour of study was pretty productive.

After that was work, I worked on some basic work tasks. Well before working actually, I ate some breakfast. I just ate some of the free food that we got yesterday. Based on the volume of food I eat, this stuff will be gone pretty quickly. I need to catch up on my food pics and selfies.

Work was alright. Just a normal work day with normal work day tasks. It was fairly chill I would say.

After work I relaxed for an hour, just browsing the Internet and watching some entertainment. After that, I went out for a drive and I parked at that one wealthy neighborhood again. I wanted to see if I could walk to the long secluded sidewalk path I walked in before, the one where my dad had to drop me off so I could walk there. It's secluded because there's no sidewalks that lead there and you have to walk on a fast 45 mph road to get there, no sidewalks or shoulder lanes. People also usually speed on this road and go 55+ mph. It's long because the sidewalk is like 2-3 miles long, it's seriously very long.

The way I walked on this secluded long sidewalk before was my dad dropped me off there and then he picked me up later after I was done walking. This time I wanted to walk to get there, I knew I had to walk on that fast 45 mph road, and my plan was to run through it while the roads were clear. I got this idea to walk on the road because I have seen a couple walking on these roads before because there's no sidewalk. Today too I saw an entire family of people with the dad pushing a stroller walking down the road.

Even though the speed limit is fast, there's usually not many cars on this road, it's practically deserted most of the time. Basically to get to this isolated sidewalk, you can get close by walking on some other sidewalks, except these sidewalks end at a dead end, and then you have to go on the roads to continue (there's tall grass and other plants otherwise). The stretch of road one needs to walk to get from one sidewalk to the next isn't that long either, so it's doable to not encounter any cars while walking on the roads to make it to the next sidewalk section.

I was able to do that today. I walked on this one sidewalk until I reached a dead end, and then I looked behind me, listened for any sounds coming through, and when all was clear I walked on the road itself. Of course I had to walk briskly because a car could be coming from behind me at any moment, so I just kept going. Anyway I made it to the other sidewalk without any cars coming by from behind, so that was cool. If there was a car coming, I would have just stood on the tall grass and waited it out until they passed.

Anyway I made it to the isolated sidewalk, and had an excellent walk. There was almost no one that I encountered in my walk, just like 5 people total, or around that. Very scarce amount of people for walking a total of 5-6 miles down and back this road. It actually got really dark near the end, and when I made it to the end of the isolated road, I just turned around and I started jogging back. I started jogging back because the stretch of road I'd have to walk on to get from one sidewalk to the next would have been riskier to cross when it was dark. People stupidly speed when it's dark, and because I would not be as visible I have a higher chance of getting run over.

I jogged back 2-3 miles, maybe 4 miles, to reach my car. It was an awesome jog and the first time I jogged in ages. I jogged in my sandals too because I didn't expect to run today, I just wanted to walk. Bad thing though is that the bottom skin of my left foot was constantly rubbing on the plastic and now I feel like this weird "burn" feeling on my skin there. Weird how my right foot doesn't have any of that, but my left one does. So it kind of stings the bottom my foot when I walk on my left foot now and because of that I won't be able to jog for a while.

When I got back home I studied for a bit too, which was cool. I didn't learn anything new I guess, but still.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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