June 30, 2020

Very Busy Work Day

11:55 PM

Today has been a pretty normal day that played out similarly to yesterday. I woke up at around 5:50 AM, the sun was already out, and because last night I didn't eat anything after running 2-3 miles, I ate breakfast before doing anything else. After breakfast, I studied for a bit over an hour, and seriously I'm feeling pretty good the more problems I do and the more that I learn. I'm feeling more and more confident as we go along, and I still am pretty suckish though in my own opinion.

After studying I started work at around 9 AM and had a very busy work day. I basically just worked throughout the entire day on a multitude of items, it was a very busy workday. I got a few times done, still a bunch more items to work on. Tomorrow will be an even busier day.

After work I took a short 30 minute nap and then drove out to the wealthy neighborhood again to park. I walked towards the isolated sidewalk again and this time when I reached the dead end of the current sidewalk, the tall grass I wrote about yesterday which heavily discouraged walking on the side, was cut. So now I could walk on the grass while walking towards the other disconnected sidewalk. I still spent most of the time walking on the road, since there weren't any cars driving by, and I would constantly look behind me to see if there were any cars approaching from far away. Later I would realize that looking back may not be enough, because on the way back home I walked on the road again and cars drove by so quickly that there was just around 5 seconds or so from first seeing the car in the distance to arriving to where I was. It's so dangerous

Anyway I walked for two hours and took around 12000 steps. I didn't run because of the chafing from my slippers yesterday made it really sting to walk on certain parts of my left foot. I got back home at around 10 PM, and I've just been chilling since. I should have studied instead, and now I'm going to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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