July 1, 2020

june gratitude

  1. discussing "hamilton: the musical: the mmo" with hgr (hamilton has a quest icon on his head. he's like "I need people to write essays defending the constitution." so your quest log says "talk to aaron burr." (he says no) "/cheer aaron burr." (he says no) "/rally aaron burr." (he still says no) "report back to hamilton.") (also, there's definitely a yorktown dungeon followed by a cornwallis trial, and afterwards you can talk to the minstrel to unlock cornwallis EX) (hgr: "and then it's revealed that cornwallis was secretly being controlled by an ascian")
  2. omg shiny wild feebas
  3. won the Pixel Power city challenge with my tree city!
  4. great to be working from home on a 91-degree day
  5. solid work progress these past couple days, everything is humming smoothly
  6. loving this event: Oshawott and Minccino everywhere, a bunch of new pokemon including my boy OBSTAGOON (and I got Galarian Ziggy with my very first egg)
  7. re-reading Kai Ashante Wilson's The Lamentation of Their Women. comfort read (tm)
  8. baked chocolate chip cookies woo
  9. an emmel dupe?? weird flex but okay (general genesis banner, owned unit converted to 100 shards)
  10. bright & breezy, perfect day out
  11. raid day! memoria misera EX time
  12. also, 30K steps on a raid day
  13. standing OUTSIDE in the SUN waiting for grocery delivery. just basking. full sun. 90 degrees but the breeze takes the edge off
  14. and then I get the groceries and come back inside and have chocolate ice cream. luxury lifestyle for sure
  15. galarian darumaka get!! (14/14/15) (on the 14th egg, not bad)
  16. old news but I v appreciate these documents are proper e-documents (instead of scanned paper copies) so I can copy-paste the citations
  17. did I mention I have chocolate ice cream (first ice cream since quarantine in march and it is GOOD)
  18. more solid work progress. seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now, hoping to finish up within a day or two
  19. DARK NYX
  20. dark nyx dark nyx dark nyx my first dark unit (500 gems son)
  21. went out on the balcony early, was rewarded with a big fat sunbeam
  22. also had a perfect cool and breezy evening walk
  23. doodles in the morning, getting myself warmed up for artfight; then pixel art in the evening
  24. finished pixel art of Albany, the elephant thug. fun fun. my first humanoid pixel piece
  25. 10K steps by 10:30 am. getting back on track
  26. work project COMPLETE
  27. :vacationblob:
  28. Niantic forgot to turn off the Garfetch'd switch and I got a lucky one and a 15/14/15
  29. my roommate's reaction when I told him about the sweet potato cauliflower tots: "what?!?!?"
  30. (they were great)
  31. love this pre-Community-Day thing where your buddy brings you like 50 berries
  32. found a sweet mapcrunch picture, spent an hour working on a pixel version ("Electrico")
  33. this yoake palette is super cool and makes my art look super cool
  34. finished Electrico! it's a family-owned-and-run business. the slimes are the family.
  35. three days, three shinies: Murkrow, Carvahna, Clefairy
  36. edit: and a shiny Lunatone, wow
  37. love to get my pick of work projects and avoid the super messy ones
  38. simple things in life: buttered pasta. this used to be my favorite meal as a little kid
  39. speaking of simple things, chicken strips
  40. productive day at work
  41. this habitica party has been great. lots of pet quests (including velociraptors and the coveted marshmallow slime). now, just as I was considering whether to buy amber or fluorite potions, we recruited a new member who was like "btw I have amber/fluorite quests if anyone is interested" yes plz
  42. freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!
  43. doing thumbnail sketches of book covers to gather design ideas for artfight. fun and productive
  44. we all showed up for raid today! what are the odds! we beat Emperor Varis and started Ramooooooo
  45. thai curry chicken & tots. the secret to a good curry: 60% coconut milk lmao (it's amazing)
  46. FINALLY got my walgreens account working so I can order prescription refills
  47. just a good solid day all around. completed the last round of edits so I can submit my work project for approval; finished Lil Levi's character info sheet; started watching the Kaguya anime with HGR; and walked 31K steps

Written by Achaius

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