March 6, 2020

Encountered friend at a gym, hung out with friends at night

7:41 of the next day

Today started off pretty much like a normal day. I knew I had work, and that was pretty much the only thing I was thinking about and had planned. It was employee appreciation day today, so we had bagels and donuts free in the office. I didn't have any donuts myself because they contained eggs and dairy, I ate some of the bagels that they had though.

It was a pretty normal work day. not much different from other days. During lunch time though I went out to the gym I was paying $23 a month for, because I wasn't using it! It's been around a month or more since I had last used this gym, and so I decided to take advantage of it. Something I hadn't done in a long time was the warmup stretches and running drills for running, which I wanted to do. I did a bit of it the day before, but I did some of the stretching on the parking lot ground (it was deserted) which didn't feel comfortable because it was rocky. Anyway that was pretty much the only thing I wanted to do, I could have done some weights or ran for a bit afterwards, but all I knew is that I wanted to do the warmup stretches.

At the gym I went and just changed clothes. I just changed my black shirt to a blue shirt, and then went out the bathroom. As I was walking done this aisle, a friend I hadn't seen in maybe 6 months, and before that more than a year, waved at me and called my name. I did not expect to see him. He said he would just be running a few miles on the treadmill and then head out. I told him I was at work and came here during my lunch break, he didn't have work today. Anyway pretty interesting, I told him we should hang out later that night and he said sure, and we invited some other friends over.

Work was normal the rest of the afternoon. I had another bagel or two. Drove over to hang out with friend. He reminded me that he worked security at a hospital and that he felt he had coronavirus symptoms. Dang. Maybe I'm infected now too? Coronavirus has little effect on people below 30 though, so I may be fine. Anyway he said he would be graduating university this year. I don't even have a degree, though I may be getting my associate's degree this year if all goes well. I hope! Anyway I just feel so behind all my friends. Some already have master's degree, some have a PHD, and I don't even have anything. I'm very fortunate to even have a job though.

Anyway we hung out a bit, and then went over to this place called Loving Hut. I haven't been to Loving Hut before, but I've heard of it from my aunt who goes there a lot apparently. It's a completely vegan restaurant, and the food was pretty good. I think this other restaurant called Lotus Vegetarian was a lot better though, but that place closed down November last year unfortunately. There were three instances i could have brought in large groups of people there, but man, those were missed opportunities. I should have brought them there since I got to choose the place and maybe they would have remained open a bit longer.

After that the friend I saw at the gym dropped himself off at his place, and then me and the 3 other guys went to one of their houses. We hung out, I showed him Reckful's billion trick, and then we played some blackjack. I won the blackjack game overwhelmingly. I'll post pictures, the red chips were worth 1, blue worth 5, white worth 10, and greens worth 100. I had more than 10 greens at the end, like 40 blues, 20 whites, and a bunch of 1s. It was crazy.

After that I drove home and went to sleep at around 2 AM.

Written by JustMegawatt

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