March 29, 2024

Walked for.3 hours again, got lots of messages

3:30 AM (of Saturday, March 30th 2024)

Today is Friday, March 29th 2024. I woke up at around 6:30 AM this morning, and this is usually when rush hour began and would last until 9:20 AM or so. I know how crazy the traffic can be in my area, the streets are basically clogged heading towards one direction, but it's clear heading towards the other direction. After doing some morning tasks, I headed out at around 6:50 AM, deciding that if the streets outside my home were packed, that I'd turn around and go back home.

I drove outside, and was pleasantly surprised to find the road near my home was empty, there was just one car at the stop light. Normally at this time in the morning, there would be traffic from the stop light all the way to the other end of the road. There was just one car there. So, I proceeded, thinking I would run into traffic eventually, but that it wouldn't slow me down by much.

As I kept driving, I noticed that there were barely any cars anywhere. Throughout my entire drive to the lineal park in Bayamon, the streets were empty. The highway would usually at least have a bunch of cars, so even if there was no traffic, there would usually be a lot of cars in every lane. Today it was empty.

When I got to the park, it was pretty packed. I couldn't find any good parking in the first row, so I parked in the last one. I texted Eric about it, asking if it were a holiday because the streets were empty. He'd later text back saying it was a holiday, the day of Jesus' death, a Puerto Rican holiday, hence why the streets were empty.

I walked my usual 3 hours today, and was pleasantly surprised that Wahl started texting me near the beginning of it. Throughout the first quarter of my walk, which is 45 minutes, I received a lot of ping and ding notifications. I thought there was something magical about doing this walk, that somehow things end up doing well if I did it, like the universe aligned to doing this extremely long 3 hour walk. It's not an easy walk. I didn't check my notifications at all for my entire walk apart from just seeing Wahl messaging me again within like the first 20 minutes of me walking or so.

The walk was as hard as always. Unlike yesterday though, I didn't take a break to use the bathroom nor stopped to sit down for a bit once. I walked for the entirety of 3 hours, I walked the entirety of those 9 miles in the open sections of the park. When I got to the car, was when I allowed myself to check my phone again and see the notifications.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the final half of my notifications didn't come from Wahl, but from Mary, who I texted again yesterday. I didn't expect her to respond today actually, because the entire day went by yesterday and she didn't respond the whole day. So yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.

5:17 AM

At home I ate some overnight oats that I left in the fridge right before heading out. I ate a veggie burrito. I drank some fruit smoothies. That was basically it.

I responded to both Wahl and Mary, and they both responded again later in the day. I responded to both again if/when I could. I went to sleep before I could respond to Mary again, since she texted me late at night. I like Mary's messages. She takes time to read through and responds well. She's definitely a great partner communication-wise.

There were also two other girls on IG who messaged me today. One of them I told her that the 20k steps she used to do daily, I found attractive, she left me on seen for like a week or two, and she responded just today with like 4-5 positive messages. Another girl I talk to every now and then, she was the one who dmed me first in our initial chat too, she messaged me again today even though I hadn't replied to her other messages yet. Then some friends messaged me today. Both my mom and dad messaged me today.

A lot of people randomly reached out to me today. Synchronicity related to the magic of walking these 20k steps in the morning? I think it's a sign to keep it up though. As I write this entry the next day, I have to walk these 20k steps again. I am sleepy, I am tired, but because I've gotten these good signs from this, I'm going to keep it up. I know correlation doesn't mean causation of course, and these two things, walking and receiving messages, are as unrelated as anything, but I have to walk anyway, since Wahl and I confirmed the date and place for our adventure next month and I have to condition myself for that.

We're planning to be in Iceland together for a week, planning to see the aurora, and go on lots of hiking and seeings lots of sights. I have to be so prepared. There's so much I have to do. I need to lose weight so I can look great in the photos. The problem is even with the walking, I haven't lost any weight (or maybe I have)? I need to really adjust my diet to really reduce my caloric intake too.

I think even with my dailies of pull ups, chin ups, push ups, leg raises, walking, these don't help if I eat excess and don't lose any weight.

Anyway, I worked a little bit today, barely.

I don't remember doing much else the entire day to be honest. I don't remember watching any anime like I did yesterday. I didn't take a nap for long either like I did yesterday. Today went by in a weird way. I barely remember what I did today. The hours just went by like seconds.

Eric and I were supposed to gym tonight, but we both forgot it closed at 9 PM, and meeting up at 8:30 PM wouldn't have mattered much. Eric says the gym was probably closed today because it was a holiday too, he called and they didn't pick up. So maybe they were closed today?

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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