July 3, 2020


My parents drove up with a load of groceries today! I asked for some stuff I can't get locally (bao, basmati rice, Indian curry sauce) as well as various staple foods. Dad, who is in charge of the family shopping, went all-out. For instance, for the bao, he got me two packs of char siew bao + a pack of sesame bao + a pack of red bean bao. He also got a bunch of stuff I didn't ask for (but greatly appreciate), including cherries, corn, and mango juice. And Mom baked a whole chocolate cake. <3 my parents

After we unloaded, disinfected, and put away all the groceries, more excitement: Dad suggested taking a drive around town so I could take over all the Pokemon gyms. I said sure. I haven't been able to get any pokecoins since quarantine began. Besides, it was a good opportunity just to hang out and chat. They're doing well. Mom's working from home too; we swapped stories of Zoom meetings and other adjustments in this brand new age. Dad says he hasn't actually re-started his Sunday Bible study. That's a relief.

It was a beautiful day out. We drove to seven gyms. I occupied six, and we did a raid battle at the seventh. Hopefully my pokemon get kicked out on different days for maximum profits. Also, it's the first time since mid-March that I've been more than a block away from my apartment. I mentioned this to Mom and Dad and they were like "We should come more often!!"

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Jul 03, 2020

That's so sweet :)

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