July 3, 2020

A Productive Day

I have many urgent matters settled today and it involves meeting some people. I took precautions to still wear mask and use hand sanitizers, and I'm glad everyone around me also have the same sense of awareness and social responsibility. Our country has only 1 new cases now for a few weeks. We open sector by sector, gradually, to prevent more new cases while still get the economy going. I'm grateful for this.

I went to my faculty to meet a technician for record purposes, to the office to meet my site supervisor having a brief meeting and to get my files and lastly went to the post office to mail a package. I took some time to exercise as well. I think today is a productive day.

This picture is taken today on my way to my faculty. I feel a sense of melancholy knowing that I only have a few months passing this path as a student. I don't wanna grow up (but I do wanna have my own place so nvm hahaha)

Written by elvena_art

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