May 14, 2024


9:35 PM

I'm publishing this entry no matter what. It's been a while since I've gotten on my computer and typed out an entry. Typing feels weird. The reason I haven't written an entry in a while is because things have either gotten busy or I've gotten distracted. I think I've gotten distracted.

I think social media, X, and doom scrolling have taken over my life the past few days. Prior to this, of course I had other activities and things going on, but it's been about week now since Mary visited me again, it's actually only been like 4-5 days since she flew out, but it sure feels like a week. A lot in general has happened since April and I still need to write about my six days with Wahl. I'm working on the first day still.

I hate being distracted. Previously for a while I was distracted with anime, and honestly I think that was bearable. I still did my work, I cleaned, I didn't sit too close to a screen (like when I use my cell phone), I felt engaged. It's really just been the past two days, but I've been on X for like the whole day the past two days. I still worked of course, but I was distracted. I can't deny being distracted.

I need to limit my time on X to like 20 minutes at the most. I set a limit like that for Facebook, I should do the same for X. I only need to make one vegan related post a day, that's what I have on my checklist, not multiple. I don't need to see the latest random political goings-on and dramas, I need to focus on my own life. Yeah I have 1698 followers right now, I gained like 100 in the past month. Yeah my tweets get thousands of views, sometimes tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of views, but this app is consuming my time and my life.

I can't deny that my posts can make an impact. Sometimes they do. Getting 250k views on a tweet is pretty massive. But this distraction and scrolling endlessly to find something to reply to, or to come up with some idea to tweet, and then possibly not tweeting it based on any reason (I probably don't tweet 50% of stuff I want to tweet, and the reasons can be anything from fearing being too offensive or that the post won't make enough of an impact, or any arbitrary reason), then repeating this pattern over and over throughout the day, is such a waste of time.

I think it's better that I just tweet once, and that's it. One tweet for the entire day. Then I stop using the X app completely. I can set my time limit of using the app to just 10 minutes a day, so that after I make that tweet, I can just close it and be done with it for the rest of the day.

I hate the distractions because I have other things I want to do too. I want to do at least 100 push ups a day, 100 leg raises, 100 squats, at least 1 hour of walking, 20 pull ups, 20 chin ups. Yeah I have increased my daily amounts from like 35 push ups a day or whatever it was, to now 100 a day, and that's actually just the minimum, if I can do more, then I'll do more. X prevents from doing this. I just get so distracted, that I don't feel like doing this, so I don't, and I hate that.

I also want to clean up my place. My place can be pretty organized. It was organized this weekend, or it was. It was pretty clean and organized prior to Mary arriving, and while she was here. I swept every day, cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes, and so on, for days prior to her arriving. I had a check list of cleaning tasks to do, much like I have checklists for my workouts, and I was doing them. With these distractions, I haven't felt like doing them. Really. My kitchen right now is a mess. I mean I did wash the dishes already yesterday, so there's not that many dishes, but there's a lot of food, trash, and random stuff on the counter and the stove, and it's not clean.

Although my floor is still clean, I walk around and the bottom of my feet don't turn black like they would if the floor was dirty, I haven't swept since yesterday or something, because I didn't feel like it. I didn't sweep all day today. That is shameful.

This leeches into work too. Although I was working the whole day today, I was also distracted, so my attention was fractured. I hate that. I hate this. I hate these distractions.

So anyway, I am starting anew. Starting tomorrow, I will be back to my.daily habits again, and live a good life. I will live a good life. That's what I want.

Written by JustMegawatt

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